Google Now On Tap Gets Updated With Helpful Shortcuts


Close on the heels of getting an update in early June, which brought image search and text select support, Google Now on Tap has received yet another new update that is bound to excite Android users.

Google has reportedly updated Now on Tap so that users of the Google app will be able to directly activate the feature from the app launcher or Android homescreen to show several shortcuts for tasks. The news comes courtesy of publication 9to5Google, which spotted the change.

Google apparently began pushing out the update on June 16 to select users of the beta version 6.0 of the Google app.

"Google has started A/B testing a new feature that adds a number of useful shortcuts and quick links to Now on Tap," says the publication. "For some users on version 6.0 of the Google app, activating Now on Tap on the homescreen or app launcher will reveal a row of shortcuts to various Google tasks."

Basically two rows or card streams — one for the common tasks and the other for nearby places — will be espied post the update.

Wondering what benefits these common task shortcuts Now on Tap could bring? Users will be able to use the shortcuts to set alarms, new reminders, start the timer, create events, as well as navigate to/from work or home, or any saved locations. In the past, when a user activated the feature on the homescreen, they only got directed to Google Now and were unable to perform any tasks.

So basically, now when a user presses any of the above-mentioned task shortcuts, the exact interface that opens on the Google app (when a voice command is issued for it) will open up.

The nearby places row is the second one, which enables a user to seek out places of interest that are located around the vicinity. You can look for cafés, restaurants, gas stations, bars, shopping places and more. For example, if you select the café option, then a Google Search will be conducted instead of opening the Maps app.

Prior to the update, when a user activated Now on Tap on their device's homescreen, they would be greeted with the "Nothing on Tap" message.

The new shortcuts will definitely make navigation a lot simpler for users of the feature. Moreover, version 6.0 of the Google app will also bring with it the option to disable the Google Now cards and one will still be able to carry on deploying Now on Tap.

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