Apple leads and everyone follows. After Apple, it's Intel that will release its own 64-bit processor next year that will power tablets running Android and Windows.

At an investor's meeting, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that Windows 8.1 tablets with 64-bit Bay Trail processors will be launched in the first quarter of 2014. Android-powered tablets with 64-bit chip will follow at an extremely affordable price of $150.

"It's not only about Windows 64-bit, we've been talking about Android as well," said Hermann Eul, Intel's general manager, mobile and communications group.

"We have 64-bit Windows shipping next quarter and, needless to say, we'll run fast to make this happen on Android as well," he added.

Intel Bay Trail processor powers a growing number of tablets and 2-in-1 devices from Dell, HP and Lenovo.

A device that sports the 64-bit desktop class architecture can accommodate more memory. Presently the addressing capability of 32-bit smartphones and tablets are limited to just 4GB of memory.

The 64-bit processor were first introduced by Apple in A7 chips that powers iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display and eyeing the tablet boom, Intel wants to hop onto the bandwagon.

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