A Baby Car? Woman's Ultrasound Shows She's Pregnant With A Baby Car


Mike and Reena Roberts just wanted to see what their baby looked like, but what turned up in Reena's sonogram wasn't exactly what they had in mind.

The Missouri couple went to visit a local clinic to have Reena undergo an ultrasonography to check how her pregnancy was doing at its 24th week. However, when they were shown the sonogram of their baby, Mike noticed that the image looked more like that of a car.

As Mike shared in a Reddit post, he thought that his wife was pregnant with a baby sports car. When he asked the ultrasound technician about it, even she was confused about what came up on screen.

While the couple still isn't sure exactly how the figure of a car appeared on the sonogram, Mike and Reena seem to be convinced that they are going to have a "baby car," and not just any car but a Bugatti, one of the most expensive sports cars in the world.

"We know it's a boy car," mom-to-be Reena said.

During an interview with Someecards, Mike said that this is their second baby after going through a couple of years of failing to conceive a child naturally.

They tried out in vitro fertilization, which led to the birth of their first child, a daughter, though she didn't have the same automobile features as her baby brother or sister.

Mike said they found out that Reena was pregnant with their second child just six months after the birth of their daughter.

"A miracle happened and my wife became pregnant naturally, well as naturally as you can when you're carrying a car," the proud father-to-be said.

Mike (Brewhaus3223) posted the image of their "baby car" on Reddit, which quickly drew the attention of users who chimed in with their own prognoses.

"Hate to spoil your dreams, but it looks more like you're going to have a PT Cruiser," Reddit user Nightfall said. "I recommend a PTernity test ASAP."

Another user offered advice to Reena that when she goes into labor, she should make sure to give it one last "Porsche" (a play on the word "push.")

Other Redditors joined in on the fun and gave their own pun-tastic quips, such as the image showing the "all-new Ford Fetus," or that the baby is already in its "gastational age."

As exciting as the thought of giving birth to an Autobot may be, Mike said that the sonogram is actually an image of their baby's thigh bone, which was being measured at the time.

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