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Flu Vaccination Very Important For Pregnant Women Says CDC

The CDC has published a report that revealed that pregnant women are 40 percent more at risk of hospitalization if they do not get their flu shot. Public health officials recommend that everyone gets vaccinated this month.

Public Health October 15, 2018

Jessica Simpson Happily Pregnant With Her Third Child

Jessica Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson are expecting their third child. The former singer announced on her Instagram account that she was having a baby girl, along with a picture of her kids together with a pink balloon.

Celebrities September 19, 2018

Carrie Underwood Opens Up About 3 Miscarriages In 2 Years

Carrie Underwood revealed that she had a tough 2017. In the past two years, the country singer had three miscarriages that inspired her to write her new album, 'Cry Pretty.'

Celebrities September 17, 2018

Exposure To This Pesticide During Pregnancy Might Lead To Autism

A new study found that exposure to DDT in pregnant women can increase the risk of developing autism in children. The infamous agent was already banned in many countries during the 1960s.

Public Health August 18, 2018

FDA Approves Digital Birth Control App For 1st Time: Is It Effective In Preventing Pregnancy?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Natural Cycles, a digital birth control app. It is powered by an algorithm that is based on the rhythm method, but its effectiveness is not at 100 percent.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 14, 2018

Maryland Woman Tests Positive For Opiates While Giving Birth Because Of What She Ate For Breakfast

A woman was told that she tested positive for opiates while in labor at a Maryland hospital. She was confused by the drug test result, but eventually realized that the culprit was what she ate for breakfast that day.

Public Health August 8, 2018

US Considered One Of The Worst Countries For Childbirth: Here’s Why

Doctors and nurses know how to properly care for a woman during childbirth, including constantly monitoring blood pressure and blood loss. So why aren’t they doing it?

Public Health July 28, 2018

Liberian Woman Spreads Ebola To Family A Year After Infection

The woman may have spread the disease to her family when the virus reemerged during her pregnancy. Experts do not think she infected her husband through sexual contact.

Public Health July 24, 2018

Pregnant Millennial Women Have A 50 Percent Higher Chance Of Suffering From Depression Than Their Mothers

Pregnant millennial women are more likely to suffer from depression than their mothers did, a new study found. The research suggested that social media and social changes were to blame.

Public Health July 13, 2018

New IVF Regulation Protects Patients From Expensive And Potentially Dangerous Fertility Add-Ons

Additional treatments for in vitro fertilization did not show evidence of safety and efficacy. The UK government implemented a color coding scheme so patients can know which treatments are supported by clinical data.

Public Health July 9, 2018

Walgreens Pharmacist Refuses Woman Drug To End Pregnancy Due To Personal Belief

A woman in Arizona claimed that a Walgreens pharmacist denied to give her the prescription to end her two-month pregnancy because of personal belief. Her doctor earlier told her she will have miscarriage.

Public Health June 25, 2018

Smithsonian National Zoo's Panda House Closed For Possible Pregnancy Of Mei Xiang Giant Panda

Smithsonian's National Zoo announced it is closing its giant panda habitat because the female panda Mei Xiang shows symptoms of pregnancy and pseudopregnancy such as building a nest and sleeping more. What is pseudopregnancy?

Animals June 24, 2018

Baby Born After Mother Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Suffers Brain Injury

A baby girl born prematurely due to her mother's cancer diagnosis is struggling for life after being rushed to the hospital. She suffered a brain injury after coding six times.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 13, 2018

A 63-Year-Old Woman Claims She Was 'Inseminated' By A Japanese Flying Squid In Her Mouth

In 2011, a 63-year-old woman claims that she ate a squid, and the spermatophores from the squid swarm around her mouth. She had a doctor remove them, and she made a recovery.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 6, 2018

Taytulla Birth Control Pills Recalled Due To Packaging Error That May Lead To Pregnancy

Allergan issued a voluntary recall of 170,000 packs of its birth control pill Taytulla because these could raise risk for unplanned pregnancy. The contraceptive products with packaging error have been in circulation since August last year.

Public Health May 31, 2018

New Study Suggests That A Woman's Voice Becomes 'Deeper' After Giving Birth To Her First Child

A team of researchers has discovered that women, who have just given birth to their first child, experience voice change. The team noted that this is only a temporary effect that lasts for about a year.

Public Health May 30, 2018

Couples Fond Of Seafood Have More Active Sex Life And Get Pregnant Faster

Researchers followed 500 couples from Michigan and Texas to record their seafood intake and rate of sexual intercourse for a duration of one year. The study found that couples who ate more seafood have more sex and conceived faster.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 25, 2018

Obsolete Pregnancy Drug DES Might Have Triggered A 36 Percent Increase Of ADHD In Grandchildren

Researchers found that defunct pregnancy drug DES might have caused users' grandchildren to be 36 percent more likely to get diagnosed with ADHD. DES was around from 1938 to 1971.

Medicine May 21, 2018

Majority Of Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Recommend Weed For Pregnant Mothers With Morning Sickness

Majority of Colorado cannabis dispensaries advised their pregnant customers to take marijuana products to treat their morning sickness. The recommendation was made despite experts saying that marijuana products are potentially harmful to pregnant mothers and their unborn babies.

Public Health May 11, 2018

Dropping Fast Food Can Increase Fertility: Other Ways To Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Women who want to get pregnant fast may want to ditch fast food, findings of a new study suggest. Here are other ways women and their partner can boost fertility.

Public Health May 5, 2018

Study Finds No Risk To Babies If Their Mothers Eat Placenta After Birth

A team of researchers found that mothers who consume their placenta after birth do not bring an increased health risk to their newborns. The research showed that most mothers practice placentophagy to prevent postpartum depression.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 4, 2018

A New Study Says Eating Fast Food 4 Or More Times A Week Could Delay Pregnancy

A new study revealed that women who ate fast food often were more likely to have fertility complications. By contrast, women who ate more fruits were more likely to get pregnant.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 4, 2018

Synthetic Embryos Produced Without Egg Or Sperm May Shed Light On Failed Pregnancies

Researchers created synthetic embryos without using sperm and eggs. The procedure may offer insights on why many pregnancies fail during implantation, as well as help with human fertility.

Medicine May 3, 2018

Caffeine Consumption During Pregnancy Could Lead to Child's Weight Gain, Claims New Study

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health looked into the effects of pregnant mothers' caffeine intake on the health of their children. Over 50,000 pregnant women and their children were monitored from 2002 to 2008 for the study.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 24, 2018

Ob-Gyns Recommend New Guidelines For Fourth Trimester Postpartum Care For Moms

The American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released its revised Committee Opinion detailing new recommendations on how mothers should receive and seek postpartum care during the critical fourth trimester.

Public Health April 24, 2018

Stress And Grief During Pregnancy Increases Chances Of Mental Health Illness In Children: Study

A study has shown that stress is a potent indicative factor of adults being depressed or children having ADHD. This data explains one of the possible causes of the increasing purchase of mental health prescription drugs.

Public Health April 9, 2018

Florida Woman’s Excruciating Stomach Pain Due To Bad Chinese Food Found To Be A Surprise Pregnancy

A Pensacola woman, presumably suffering from food poisoning, gave birth to a surprise baby Sunday morning aboard an ambulance. Baby Oliver James was delivered 37 weeks and is included in the list of rare cases of unknown pregnancies.

Feature | Health April 2, 2018

Archeologists Discover Dead Medieval Woman Who Gave Birth In Her Coffin

In a surprising discovery, archaeologists have found the remains of a woman who gave birth to a baby while in her coffin. Both were dead by the time they were in the coffin.

Ancient March 27, 2018

Pregnant Women Who Exercise Might Have Shorter Labor, Says New Study

Exercising during pregnancy might lead to shorter labor periods when it’s time to give birth. However, pregnant women should take cautionary steps before engaging in strenuous physical activity.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 24, 2018

Extreme Morning Sickness During Pregnancy Identified In 2 Genes

A new study suggests that morning sickness might be genetic. A researcher, who herself had suffered from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, found two genes that potentially increase risks of morning sickness.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 22, 2018

1 In 14 Women In The US Smokes While Pregnant: CDC

West Virginia has the highest rate of women who smoked while they were pregnant. Babies born to women who smoked during pregnancy are at higher risk for birth defects.

Public Health February 28, 2018

Trying To Conceive? Experts Share Sex Tips To Increase The Odds

Trying to conceive and start a family can be stressful for many couples, and that really does not help their cause. Experts share some simple tips to help increase the chances of conception.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 18, 2018

Soda Can Reduce Chances Of Getting Pregnant, Study Says

A new study shows that chances of conceiving a child can be cut down by having too many sugary drinks. This goes for both men and women.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 15, 2018

Man's Heart Condition Makes Him Forget His Wife Is 9 Months Pregnant

A man's serious heart condition was found out to be more than just a matter of the heart. The condition affected his memory so much that he forgot his wife was nine months pregnant.

Medicine February 13, 2018

1 In 20 US Kids May Have Fetal Alcohol Disorders

Up to one in 20 children in the United States may be affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, which is caused by prenatal drinking. What is the safe amount of alcohol to drink during pregnancy?

Public Health February 7, 2018

Higher Folate Intake Not Harmful: UK Concern Over Fortifying Flour With Folic Acid Unjustified

Researchers reanalyzed the data used by the US Institute of Medicine as the basis for tolerable upper intake level of folate. They found no link between high doses of folic acid and increased risk of neurological damage.

Public Health January 31, 2018

Caesarean Section Risks Highlighted In New Study: Dangerous Pregnancies For Mothers, Health Issues For Children

New research highlighted the risks associated with caesarean section deliveries for both mothers and children. Mothers may face dangerous pregnancies in the future, while children may be exposed to a variety of health issues.

Public Health January 25, 2018

Asia's Smallest Surviving Baby Was Born Weighing Less Than A Chocolate Bar

Manushi was born weighing only 400 grams and her feet were only slightly bigger than a fingernail. On Thursday, the now 6-month old baby was finally discharged from the hospital.

Feature | Health January 13, 2018

Underactive Thyroid Could Be To Blame Why Some Women Find It Difficult To Get Pregnant

Underactive thyroid gland could be the reason behind the unexplained infertility of some women having difficulty getting pregnant or carrying their pregnancy to term. What are some of the symptoms of this condition?

Public Health December 20, 2017

Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Doctor Boyfriend Spiked Her Drink With Abortion Pills

Brooke Fiske lost her baby after her doctor boyfriend, Sikander Imran, tricked her into drinking tea that was spiked with abortion pills. Imran is now in custody for a crime that may land him decades of imprisonment.

Medicine December 15, 2017

Pregnant Women Who Live Near Fracking Sites More Likely To Have Underweight Babies

Researchers have found that women who live near fracking sites are more likely to give birth to children with low birth weights. This is the latest evidence in the harmful effects caused by fracking.

Public Health December 15, 2017

Baby Born From Transplanted Uterus Gives Hope To Thousands Of Women: Here's How The Procedure Works

A baby born in Texas from a transplanted uterus gave hope to thousands of women who are unable to give birth. Here is how the uterus transplant surgery works, especially for those who are interested in participating in the study.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 3, 2017

Pregnant Women Should Sleep On Side To Lower Stillbirth Risk

There’s an easy way to decrease the risk of stillbirth, according to a new study. Apparently, women must sleep on their side instead of their backs to avoid increased risks of stillbirth.

Medicine November 20, 2017

Can Pregnant Women Drink Low Amounts Of Alcohol? Maybe, But Maybe Not

Researchers aim to determine whether or not light drinking is safe for pregnant women, including how much is fine. However, the consensus is still to avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 13, 2017

Chemicals In Yoga Mats And Furniture Can Lower Chances Of Successful IVF Pregnancy: Study

Researchers find that women with high levels of flame retardant (PFR) chemicals in their urine had significantly lower chances of successful IVF pregnancies. Couples trying to conceive through IVF are advised to avoid materials with PFR.

Public Health August 26, 2017

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