There is a lot we don't know about the Nintendo NX, and now that E3 is over and Nintendo has followed through on its promise to not show off the console at the convention this year, a whole new set of rumors about the upcoming system are starting to emerge.

As with all rumors — especially ones concerning the Nintendo NX — anything said should be taken with a grain of salt. Nintendo is infamous for being particularly tight-lipped about the hardware it has in development, and with most major third-party developers apparently knowing close to nothing about the console, it's unlikely that a random site would be privy to such exclusive information.

In this case, the rumors all come from a single source: Under usual circumstances, these rumors would raise an eyebrow, but in this case, some of these rumors just seem so silly that it comes off as a mix of fact and fiction and reads like a fanboy wish list.

The NX was originally planned for a November release, but was pushed back

Apparently, the system was set for a November 2016 launch worldwide and Nintendo had a publicity budget prepared to back it, but changed its mind at the last minute. This makes a bit of sense, though: since the 3DS and Wii U both lacked a marketable launch lineup, it wouldn't be entirely out of reason for Nintendo to make sure that didn't occur a third time.

Part of the reason for the delay was due to three major deals with third-party publishers, but the games weren't ready

Nintendo reportedly has a partnership with multiple third-party publishers, two of which are Capcom and Square Enix. At the very least, Nintendo does have an amicable relationship with those two, and Capcom reportedly has plans to release a major Monster Hunter title in 2017, so maybe there is a smidgen of truth behind this part. However, reportedly dubbing its efforts internally as "Operation Reconquer" sounds ridiculous.

The NX will have specs comparable to the PS4K/PlayStation 4 Neo

How does Nintendo know this? Sony hasn't officially unveiled the Neo yet, so there is no feasible way for it to know. In fact, that assertion has been made in the past and was refuted on at least one occasion.

Skyward Sword is getting a remaster, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. are in the works

Being two of Nintendo's strongest IPs, it should be a no-brainer that Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers would see a release for the NX. With that in mind, saying that those two will be released on the NX neither helps nor hurts these rumors. On the other hand, Skyward Sword getting a remaster already doesn't sound likely at all. Just last week, LoZ producer Eiji Aonuma stated that an HD remaster for the game is "definitely possible," (i.e. nothing definite) and even expressed some doubt about it.

Nintendo doesn't want to make the NX too pricey

This seems believable at first, considering that Nintendo often prides itself on creating affordable consoles and hardware. However, the assertion that it will be both affordable and have specs comparable to the PS4 Neo makes this lose a lot of credibility. Sony has already confirmed that the Neo will cost more than the standard $350 model, so there is no way the NX will have "similar specs" and cost less than that.

The Nintendo NX will allow up to eight native controllers to be connected to it at all times

Why not. The Wii U can already support eight players in eight-way Smash, so the NX allowing this same function, but with the same type of controller, isn't too much of a stretch.

Nintendo will unveil the NX in September

This might be the most believable rumor in this batch. September is when the Tokyo Game Show comes around this year, and Nintendo having a special direct event that month isn't out of the question, either.

All in all, there's just too much going on with these rumors to say whether any of them are true. Some appear believable, but they appear alongside others that make no sense, putting their validity into question. At best, this gives us a bunch of points to discuss until the next batch of rumors comes around.

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