The sudden cancellation of Disney Infinity certainly came as a surprise to many fans.

By all accounts, the toys-to-life franchise that incorporated all of Disney's various characters and franchises into one package was enjoying plenty of success. In fact, a new expansion, the Battleground playset, had just hit store shelves. Alas, Disney decided the cost of making new toys and employing the development team behind the game was simply too high, and so, Disney Infinity was left to die.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the franchise's end are all the new Marvel, Star Wars and Disney characters that won't be getting the stylized toy treatment, among them Doctor Strange. The character is set to make his Marvel movie debut this November with star Benedict Cumberbatch, and fans could have expected a new Infinity toy to release alongside the film. Newly-revealed concept images of an in-progress Doctor Strange Disney Infinity toy only serves to rub salt in the still wide-open Disney Infinity wound.

The concept art comes from YouTube channel Infiniteer Adventures, which reveals a number of Disney Infinity toys that were in the concept stages around the time Disney pulled the plug. Along with Doctor Strange, fans could have expected a new Hulk figure, as well as figures based on Peter Pan, Jafar from Aladdin and, of course, more Star Wars figures.

Most of the video, however, focuses on Doctor Strange's never-to-be-released figure. It's modeled off of Cumberbatch's version of the character and looks to be exactly what fans would have wanted. Stephen Strange looks perfectly at home in the universal cartoon style of the Disney Infinity toys.

Infiniteer Adventures is quick to point out that the figure was still a work-in-progress and could have changed in appearance prior to release, but the concept art already looks nearly perfect. From the base of the figure to the character's stance, it doesn't seem like anything needs changing.

Despite the game series getting the axe, a few new figures have trickled out in recent months before the well goes entirely dry. For example, fans can pick up figures based on Finding Dory and Alice: Through the Looking Glass. Still, it's hard not to be a little sad that players won't ever get the chance to add figures like Jafar or Doctor Strange to their collections.

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