Mads Mikkelsen being cast in Doctor Strange is great news, but do you know what's even better than that? Knowing who he'll be playing in the movie.

Mikkelsen had earlier described his character as not necessarily a bad guy but one who doesn't believe in the same things as Doctor Strange, someone who also wants to save the world but has a different way of going about things.

The actor is versatile enough to take on the role of either a good or bad guy, but a report says that he's going to be on the villain side of things in Doctor Strange. According to Heroic Hollywood, Mikkelsen will be playing Kaecilius, based on a toy set for the movie.

In the comic books, Kaecilius is Baron Mordo's disciple. In the movie, it is possible that he could have gone rogue because he doesn't share the same ideologies as Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange will represent Series 70 of the Marvel Minimates mini figures. Four different packs of the toy set will be available, each containing two characters: Doctor Strange and The Ancient One, Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer, Mordo and Kaecilius and Wong and Zealot.

Mikkelsen was identified to be Kaecilius because his character looks like the mini figure accompanying Chiwetel Ejiofor's Mordo.

It's possible that the name is being used as a placeholder to prevent spoilers, but it is still safe to assume that Mikkelsen will be one of the bad guys in Doctor Strange.

Talking to Yahoo! Movies UK, the actor said Doctor Strange will be nothing like any of the Marvel movies that have been shown before.

"[Y]ou have all the action, all the good ingredients you get in a Marvel film, but it will have a different flavor, that's for sure," he said.

Doctor Strange will follow a crazy storyline, what with a gifted neurosurgeon losing his prized abilities and discovering martial and the mystical arts on his way to recovery, but Mikkelsen clarified that it's not going to be way out there.

"You still have the energy, you still have the colors, you still have the madness, but you also have something you can identify with."

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange is directed by Scott Derrickson, following a script written by Jon Spaihts and C. Robert Cargill. It's set to hit theaters Nov. 4.

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