Carpool Karaoke is stepping up its game. The viral video clip sensation linked to James Corden's CBS Late Late Show talkfest will enter new territory soon, as an upcoming segment of the drive-by sing along will feature none other than the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

For those not yet familiar with the premise, late night talk show host James Corden rides around Los Angeles with a singing star celebrity in tow. As the two (or in some cases, more passengers) tool around the streets of LA, Corden engages them in intimate conversation and a multi song sing along to some of the featured celebrities' most famous tracks, and to other fun to sing songs not by the artist.

The original idea was pegged to Corden's Late, Late Show which needed an original hook to compete with its more seasoned network rivals such as NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers and ABC's Nightline. But the concept took on a life of its own when videos of the Carpool Karaoke segments which had aired on Corden's talk show were posted on YouTube by CBS. It could be argued that the feature's success has actually eclipsed the success of the late night TV show itself, which has received respectable, although far from stellar ratings.

Carpool Karaoke has been a bona fide viral smash online for Corden, however. The total number of views of the various segments posted on YouTube have collectively received well over 1 billion views, with the most popular clips, from the likes of Justin Bieber and Adele, hitting over 100 million views. Other stars who have participated include Elton John, Gwen Stefani (with special guest passengers George Clooney and Julia Roberts), Jennifer Lopez, and most recently Selena Gomez and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Now it appears that Corden and company have upped the ante with the confirmation that Michelle Obama has already taped a Carpool Karaoke appearance. The First Lady herself announced it on her brand-new Snapchat account, and soon afterwards Corden and the Late Late Show gang tweeted.

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