The new Ghostbusters movie has been getting a lot of hate, not all of it deserved. Sure, the first trailer was pretty unfunny, but the second trailer proved that there will surely be some laughs to be had.

Will the movie be as good as the original? Probably not, and neither was Ghostbusters 2. Ghostbusters is a case of a classic film that can only be made worse, not better, with reboots and sequels, but perhaps this new film will be able to capture at least some of the magic that made the original a hit.

If, however, this new version of the Ghostbusters theme song is any indication, fans might be in for a bumpy ride come July 15. This new, not-exactly-a-cover of the iconic Ghostbusters theme song comes from Fallout Boy and features Missy Elliott.

Honestly, the Missy Elliott part isn't that bad. It seems fitting to have a woman artist work on the theme song for an all-female Ghostbusters team, and Elliott's style works for this modern reboot. It packs energy and could serve as a great anthem for when it's time for some serious ghost-bustin' action.

Unfortunately, her part is about 20 seconds long. That leaves the other 2 minutes and 40 seconds to Fallout Boy, and the end result will have you calling for an exorcist. The song uses familiar beats and elements from Ray Parker Jr.'s original classic, but comes off feeling like a lifeless, cheap ripoff.

Here's hoping that's something the new movie as a whole can avoid. When the first, not very funny trailer for the film hit the web, it quickly saw itself become one of the most disliked trailers on YouTube. But it wasn't only because the movie appeared to be an unfunny reboot of a classic film. More than a few volatile fans took major issue with the movie's all-female cast, an issue that has continued to rear its ugly head in the following months. Despite the film's second trailer proving to be far better than the first, it still received a huge number of dislikes on YouTube - far outside the norm.

Do all those dislikes mean the new movie won't be a hit at the box office, even if it isn't a critical success? Probably not. The Ghostbusters name is a powerful one, and that alone will bring in audiences to the theater, especially those who haven't paid a bit of attention to pointless internet controversies. Let's just hope the movie doesn't force us to listen to the new theme song for too long.

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