By now, everyone in Hollywood considers Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a failure, at least in the eyes of critics.

And because of that, Warner Bros. has put some massive changes into effect going forward for its future DC films, including Justice League, which will bring characters from Batman v Superman together with other DC superheroes, such as Aquaman and The Flash.

The first thing Warner Bros. did after Batman v Superman was reorganize its film division, specifically the part that deals with the DC Comics properties. The company created a DC Films division and put Jon Berg and Geoff Johns at its head. Johns, in particular, is important in this role because he knows DC Comics better than anyone else working on these films.

But Warner Bros. also plans on taking other steps to improve its DC universe film franchise, including making major changes to the Justice League movie. That movie was originally intended to have two parts, but it seems that Warner Bros. now wants to narrow down that film's focus and keep it to just one film. Although there are some mixed messages coming out of the production about whether this is true or not, this is a smart move.

Justice League will also seem a lot less dark than Batman v Superman. At a recent press event, director Zack Snyder mentioned that this is one of the major differences between Justice League and its predecessor.

"If it's about putting more fun in the movie, or embracing some of what I would call ... I think it's in all the characters inherently, this larger than life, big, fun stuff, especially when you're dealing with the Justice League," Snyder told "Flash and with Momoa. I don't have a scene with Momoa, but I've been now with Jason and the way he's interacting with the group and it's even just his Jason-ness. It's the contrast to Ben and to Gal, is really interesting and fun."

Snyder, though, continues to defend the decisions he made as the director of Batman v Superman, although some fans would like him removed from the DC franchise altogether. But his contract includes Justice League, so fans hope that the DC Films division will oversee him so that Justice League doesn't suffer the same fate as Batman v Superman.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. could have the first DC Comics hit film on its hands with this fall's release of Suicide Squad, so all is not lost. The film's trailers have attracted a lot of interest and most fans seem to feel positive about the movie.

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