Microsoft is finally expanding the availability of its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book with 1 TB of storage in more markets outside the United States and Canada.

The company announced that 10 additional markets are now getting the 1 TB-packed devices starting Thursday, June 30, with more markets set to follow later this summer.

In addition to the large storage capacity available on both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, the devices are further equipped with top-notch specs including Intel Core i7 processors and a hefty 16 GB of RAM. Powerful Nvidia GeForce graphics are also in the mix, but just for the Surface Book.

As a reminder, the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book made their debut back in October, launching as Microsoft's most powerful Surface devices to date. The models that are now hitting more markets are the top configurations available.

"Even in our cloud-connected world, 1 TB of SSD storage is a powerful addition to the device for customers who put a premium on having all of their work with them wherever they go," Microsoft touts.

The company further details that this high storage capacity is perfectly suitable for videographers, engineers, researchers, designers or other working professionals who need a powerful device to handle their files and data on the go. The hefty 1 TB of storage can be "invaluable" according to Microsoft, as it ensures that power users can do what they need without having to sacrifice performance, aesthetics, weight or speed.

The 1 TB Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 have already been available in the U.S. and Canada but are now reaching Austria, Australia, China, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and the UK, online only. Customers in these markets can get the devices either from Microsoft Stores or participating retailers and authorized resellers starting Thursday. Japan and Germany will follow later this month, while Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg will get the 1 TB Surface Pro 4 this summer.

Those powerful specs and extra storage, however, won't come cheap. In the UK, for instance, the Surface Book will require a £2,649 investment, while the Surface Pro 4 costs £2,199. In the United States, the devices cost $3,199 and $2,699, respectively.

The late global release for these devices suggests that Microsoft may not unveil any new Surface hardware anytime soon, but it remains to be seen. In the meantime, it's good to see the 1 TB Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book finally hit more markets worldwide.

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