Developer Hidden Variable Studios is packing the assets and engine of indie fighter Skullgirls into a mobile game, due out on Android and iOS this year. Aside from the titillating tilts found in the console and PC versions of the game, the mobile edition will be adding RPG and collectibles mechanics.

Lab Zero and Autumn Games linked back up with Hidden Variable Studio to put together a game that "distills the essence of a complex fighting game" and blends shots of that with elements more palatable, more casual experience for mobile.

The game, which hasn't been publicly named yet, will add to Skullgirls' story and will be offered in seasons, the first of which will serve as a prequel to the core game.

"The mobile game includes a deep character collection featuring dozens of characters and special moves to collect and upgrade, from Parasite Weave Filia to Epic Sax Big Band," reads a description of the game on YouTube.

The Skullgirls mobile game's fight gaming mechanics will be anchored by an RPG progression system that offers customization, "deep character collection," team building, deck building, combo coordination and even a Fight Assist feature that let's players get more tactical with turn-based combat elements.

Lab Zero warns that this game is as ambitious as advertised. It requires a bit more "moxie" than older mobile devices may be capable of dishing out.

There's been at least two years of work, on the part of Hidden Variable, poured into the Skullgirls mobile game, according got Hidden Variable's Charley Price, co-founder and creative director. It's been a labor of love, said the self-professed fan of the franchise.

"I think hardcore fans of the console game will really love the way we've captured the essence of fighting gameplay in a simpler, mobile-friendly package," Price said. "whereas more casual fans will be able to enjoy an awesome accessible experience that explores new stories set in the Skullgirls universe."

For those wanted to give the game a go as soon as possible, the Skullgirls mobile game is preparing to move into closed beta and registration is open now.

Those who showed their love for Skullgirls by backing the game and its DLC on Indiegogo may have that working in their favor when they register for the beta — the developers will be confirming those claims, so no need to lie about it!

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