The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the most awaited smartphones of this year. Rumors of the handset have been surfacing in the mobile phone space for many months now, and latest rumors hint that the upcoming phablet may sport a new S Pen Stylus and Air Command features.

Indian publication iGyaan claims to have obtained an internal Samsung memo, which suggests that the Samsung device will sport a newly designed S Pen. Apart from a new physical design, users will also experience improved features of the S Pen.

iGyaan reports that the stylus of the Galaxy Note 7 will have a new version of Bluetooth LE, which will allow owners of the phone to use the stylus for a longer period and also improve the proximity accuracy.

The functionality of Air Command is also expected to receive more features. Air Command launches automatically when the S Pen is taken out from the phone. The Air Command menu includes some features related to the S Pen, such as saving a memo when one needs to write something down immediately. iGyaan reports that the menu will now include a Dictionary and Speaking (text-to-speech) shortcuts.

The internal Samsung memo also highlights that the Galaxy Note 7 will sport a borderless display, which may hint at the "edge" version of the phone with no borders.

Speculations are rife that the Galaxy Note 7 will be equipped with an iris scanner for increased security of the device. Users will be able to unlock the screen of the smartphone by having their eyes scanned. However, the functionality may not be limited to unlocking the handset. Reports suggest that the iris scanner may be used for unlocking individual Apps and folders as well.

Previous rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 7, which was previously called the Galaxy Note 6, may tout a 5.8-inch slim RGB AMOLED screen. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 processor or a new Exynos chip may power the device. It is likely that the Galaxy phone will come with 6 GB of RAM.

The Galaxy Note 5 does not have a microSD card slot for expanding the storage capacity, which disappointed many smartphone fans. However, Samsung may introduce one in the new Galaxy handset, which can be used to increase the phone's storage capacity.

Most of the top-end mobile phones are dust- and water-resistant, but the Galaxy Note 5 was not. The Galaxy Note 7 may be IP68 certified, which will protect the phablet from dust and water.

Samsung has not revealed any detail of the Galaxy Note 7, which is estimated to be launched in August this year. Samsung smartphone enthusiasts will have to wait patiently before the company officially unveils the device and reveals its specs and features.

Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns | Flickr

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