Nexus Smartwatches On The Way? Google Said To Be Working On Its Own Android Wear Devices


According to an exclusive report by Android Police, Google is currently working on two Android Wear devices that it will be calling its own.

It is possible that the smartwatches will be carrying the same Nexus brand that Google has applied to its popular smartphone line, which it develops itself but outsources the production to mobile phone manufacturers.

The information, acquired from what Android Police describes as a reliable source, has not been confirmed by Google, but the website said that it is confident in the authenticity of the news, barring any delays or cancellations that the company may decide on the in-house Android Wear devices.

The two smartwatches are believed to carry the codenames Angelfish and Swordfish, with both devices said to be coming with full circular displays.

Angelfish will look similar to the Motorola Moto 360 and LG Urbane 2nd Edition LTE smartwatches, but will still be distinct from these two devices. The design of the smartwatch features visible lugs and a housing that curves at the spot where the band meets the device's body for a subdued yet sporty look.

Angelfish will feature three buttons, specifically a large circular button at the center of the device's right side, and a pair of smaller circular buttons above and below the bigger button. There is no information on what these smaller buttons will be for.

The smartwatch is also said to be a relatively thick device, possibly due to the bigger battery required by LTE connectivity. The diameter is said to be 43.5 millimeters, making its face smaller than the 46-millimeter display of the Moto 360.

Angelfish is said to be coming with GPS and a heart rate monitor, in addition to its LTE capabilities, which will allow it to become a standalone Android Wear device.

The second device, Swordfish, is smaller than the Angelfish with a diameter of 42 millimeters and bears resemblance to the Pebble Time Round device. It will not be featuring the massive screen bezel found in Pebble's offering though, leading to a more rounded and gentle look.

Swordfish only has one button at the center of its right side, and it looks similar to the digital crown of the Apple Watch. The device has no GPS or LTE capabilities, and will also most likely not have a heart rate monitor, but it will be compatible with the MODE watch bands of Google, which is not the case for Angelfish.

Both Angelfish and Swordfish will be coming with Google Assistant integrated into the devices, with contextual alerts. What the integration would offer users is still uncertain, but if the two devices are indeed under the Nexus brand, Google CEO Sundar Pichai did previously say that Nexus devices will be seeing more exclusive features in their software.

Google may have decided to create its own Android Wear devices so that it would be able to fully showcase the capabilities of the software in these smartwatches. In addition, the company could be looking to better compete with its rivals in the wearable technology space, as companies such as Apple and Samsung manufacture their own smartwatches.

It is not clear when Google will be unveiling these two maybe-Nexus smartwatches, with possible announcements coming alongside the next batch of Nexus smartphones or with the launch of Android Wear 2.0.

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