Google recently announced its acquisition of Anvato, a company that provides video platform services, to further expand its own Google Cloud platform.

Through the newly founded partnership, Google can now offer better media content solutions on its own platform to meet the growing demands of business entities that require a reliable and more extensive cloud service — scalable and flexible media content handling.

Anvato will be bringing onto the Google Cloud platform its past and dedicated experiences that facilitate "multi-screen live streaming, video publishing, live and video-on-demand distribution and monetization strategies," alongside services that maximize on profitability, such as its dynamic ad insertions technology; integrated ads differ across varying screens depending on a user's preferences and interest.

Google's latest acquisition move is the product of the company's commitment to its customers involved in the media and entertainment industry, to help them effectively manage their content while at the same time "remove unnecessary overhead."

Adding easier media content management to its existing repertoire is also caused by an observed generally increasing trend in the "adoption of over-the-top (OTT) technologies," as well as the company's lack of the necessary means to offer the mentioned service. Anvato's background and related successes in the field aim to just fix that.

"With OTT adoption rapidly accelerating, the Cloud Platform and Anvato teams will work together to deliver cloud solutions that help businesses in the media and entertainment industry scale their video infrastructure efforts," writes Google in an official announcement, adding that these new solutions should help enterprises "deliver high-quality, live video and on-demand content to consumers on any device" including, but not limited to, tablets, mobile devices and even smart televisions.

Anvato, on the other hand, has been offering the same services to its current line of business subscribers that comprise of major names in the league — Univision, NBC Universal, Scripps Networks, Fox Sports, Gray TV, Post-Newsweek and Media General, among others. The company uses a video platform that fully runs on a software level over hardware options to deliver services that are "modular, full-featured and open."

The media platform provider will continue to support its current solutions through the Google Cloud Platform moving forward, and expects that Google's massive network will "supercharge [its] capabilities, accelerate the pace of innovation, and deliver tomorrow's video solutions faster [for] media companies to better serve [its] customers."

Google has yet to detail the upcoming features that will open up on its Cloud Platform, though enterprises can expect that these will arrive sometime soon after both companies complete the necessary integration procedures.

We'll keep you posted.

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