The midrange OnePlus X may have been discontinued, but it's not dead just yet. It will still be available for purchase for a few months, albeit in limited quantities.

OnePlus became popular thanks to its "flagship killer" approach, launching high-end devices with powerful specs, yet arguably lower prices than comparable smartphones from the competition.

The OnePlus X, however, was the company's only handset to launch as a midranger and not a flagship killer. While the smartphone packed decent specs and an affordable price tag, it never really drew as much attention as its flagship siblings.

Shortly after unveiling its latest flagship killer, the OnePlus 3, the company announced plans to discontinue the OnePlus X and focus only on flagships from now on. This means that the OnePlus X will not be getting a successor, and the existing model is becoming harder to find.

The OnePlus X was recently marked as out of stock in the official store in all countries where OnePlus is selling devices. Simply put, the handset was no longer available for purchase online directly from the OEM. That's changed now, and the OnePlus X is back in stock, at least for the time being.

Despite the brief "out of stock" episode, the OnePlus X has not reached its end of the road just yet and those who would still like to purchase the handset have a few chances left to do so.

OnePlus has confirmed with Android Authority that a "limited stock" of the OnePlus X will still be available over the next few months, albeit only in fewer color options.

"We will have limited stock of the OnePlus X Ceramic and Onyx available over the next few months," OnePlus tells Android Authority. "The OnePlus X Champagne has already sold out and will not be replenished."

At the time of writing, the Onyx and Ceramic avatars are back in stock and ready for purchase at $199 unlocked, that is the same price as before.

It's worth pointing out that although OnePlus plans to stop selling the OnePlus X for good, it will still continue supporting the handset just as it does with its other phones. This means that you will no longer be able to purchase a OnePlus X in a few months, but if you have one you'll still receive software updates, security patches and other such things that make up that "support" for a handset.

The OnePlus X still runs Android Lollipop for now, but it should soon get an upgrade to the tastier Marshmallow treat.

In related news, the OnePlus 3 flagship killer ranked on top in AnTuTu's Top 10 Performance Smartphones for the first half of 2016, so maybe the idea of focusing exclusively on flagships isn't that bad after all.

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