Of all the weaponry to appear throughout the Doom game series, only one gun could be described as iconic: the BFG. Short for "Big F****** Gun," the massive weapon is one of the most powerful video game guns of all time.

Doom publisher Bethesda recently collaborated with MyMiniFactory to bring a real BFG to life, and the results speak for themselves. It's huge. While the gun's name implies it's big, it turns out that describing the BFG as big is a bit of an understatement. "Gigantic F****** Gun" might be more appropriate.

It took MyMiniFactory lead designer Kirby Downey 35 hours to design each piece of the gun, which is based off in-game files provided by developer id Software from the newest entry in the Doom franchise. More than 70 pieces were needed in total to bring the gun to life. For those wondering how the math on that works out, it totals up to more than 2,450 hours of work. Then, it took another 1,000 hours to actually 3D-print the entire gun.

The finished replica weighs in at 36 pounds, is three feet long and 18 inches tall and wide. That's a big freakin' gun, alright. The best part about the whole endeavor is that it was all made to give to a fan. One lucky winner by the name John Allen got to take the gun home, though he will likely have a hard time displaying such a behemoth. If nothing else, it should make for a great conversation starter. You can watch a video detailing the creation of the weapon below.

The video claims it takes three people to carry the real-life BFG. If that's the case, the Doom Marine (or Doom Slayer or Doom Guy, whatever you prefer) must have some serious muscles to be able to heft this thing around and still move as fast as he does. The gun doesn't look anywhere near as large in the game from the first-person perspective, but seeing it in real life goes a long way toward explaining why the gun is so capable of killing nearly any demon in one shot. The question still remains: how does the Doom Marine carry this thing around? Perhaps his space marine armor does most of the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, carrying the BFG into battle seems a tad impractical for anybody who isn't a one-man demon-slaying army.

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