Adr1ft, the first-person survival game set on a crashed space station, is set to go live on PlayStation 4 on July 15.

The title is the first game to come from Three One Zero, Adam Orth's development team. Orth was the protagonist of a rather hostile exchange of tweets in 2013, which resulted in Microsoft giving him the boot. The subject matter of the debate was the Xbox One's "always on" feature, which Orth heavily supported at the time. The tweeting war unveiled that the internet is filled with unhinged users, some of which even sent death threats to Orth and his family.

In Adr1ft, gamers will play as astronaut Alex Oshima, who is roaming around her space ship in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Unfortunately for the space engineer, she has no recollection of what happened and it is up to the player to fit the pieces together. Oshima has to bounce around the zero-gravity environment to figure out what went wrong with the ship, while constantly keeping tabs on her oxygen level.

Polygon talked to Orth to find out how the idea for the game came about. He notes that Adr1ft mirrors closely what he went through after being axed from Microsoft.

"I basically woke up one day and my life was just in ruins. That's where this game came about," Orth points out.

Gamers might know that Adr1ft was supposed to come out earlier, but its launch date for PC was delayed so it would match the release of Oculus Rift.

In a February post, Three One Zero noted that it had secured a license from Oculus, permitting gamers to play Adr1ft via Steam using their Oculus Rift VR headsets. The only requirements are the Oculus Rift 1.3 runtime, an Oculus Rift and Steam ownership.

Despite speculations that Adr1ft will make use of PlayStation VR when it launches, no official information about the game's compatibility with Sony's VR headset exists. The VR headset is set for release on Oct. 13, leaving enough time for Three One Zero to announce a PlayStation VR-compatible Adr1ft variant.

Oculus and PlayStation VR are not the only such devices that allow gamers to immerse in the experience. At the end of May, a HTC Vive edition of the game rolled out.

Xbox One owners should know that Adr1ft will land on their consoles later this year, on Sept. 15. PlayStation 4 owners from North America and Europe, meanwhile will be able to purchase Adr1ft for $19.99 on July 15.

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