Pokémon Go is riding high on its wave of success, and the developer is promising that the game is only beginning to show its true potential.

The gaming company behind the successful mobile game, Niantic Labs, elaborates on its future and explains how the augmented reality title will get richer.

Fans will be delighted to know that trading Pokémon is in the works, as the trading aspect is one of the essential elements for dedicated players. No specific timeline for the new feature has been set, but the mere prospect should get Pokémon loyalists all giddy.

Niantic is also teasing its fans with the prospect of having Pokémon Go landing on dedicated AR headsets, such as the Microsoft HoloLens.

For a bit of history, keep in mind that GameFreak (the creators of Pokémon) crafted the initial games in a way that would encourage players to trade with one another to complete their collection. The team brought a fresh breeze into the gaming world at the time by focusing on the social aspect of the game.

Niantic aims to take a leaf out of GameFreak's book and will add incentives for users to interact in Pokémon Go. According to Niantic, the AR title will rely more and more on the social element as it gets more updates. Thanks to a previous release, Ingress, the developers have quite a bit of experience injecting real-world social elements into virtual games.

Keep in mind that Pokémon Go aspires to be more than just a mobile installment of the iconic franchise.

In just a few days, the title managed to become one of the most popular AR games in history. However, Niantic acknowledges that the current AR facilities in the game are (a bit too) simple.

The CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, hinted that one way to improve the immersive experience would be to provide Pokémon Go support for dedicated AR headsets. The Microsoft HoloLens is the main suspect in the case, and it remains to be seen how the translation of the mobile game into users' homes will play out.

"That may be a fun thing to take advantage of," Hanke teases.

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Meanwhile, an online petition urges Niantic to release the game to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, arguing the benefits of expanding the mobile game beyond the more popular iOS and Android ecosystems.

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