Season two of 12 Monkeys has had its ups and downs and a lot of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

Not only did the show handle complex time travel themes deftly, but it also managed to create a new scenario that strays from the Terry Gilliam movie from which it takes inspiration. In the second season of the 12 Monkeys TV show, the virus threatening to wipe out mankind takes a backseat to a larger threat: the destruction of time itself.

Please note that the following contains spoilers for this week's episode of 12 Monkeys.

Cassie and Cole failed in their task to save the last primary and stop the paradox that will set things in motion that will destroy time. Ramse and his team also failed in their task to kill the Witness. Everything is left hanging in the balance.

Here are five questions we want answered in next week's season finale of 12 Monkeys:

Will Cassie And Cole Get Their Happily Ever After?

Now that Cassie and Cole are stuck in 1959, they have fallen in love and Cassie is now pregnant. However, with one episode remaining and all missions to save the world failed, it's likely that this happy couple won't get to stay that way for long. Although it seems like things are over, they're probably not. Will the last episode let them stay a couple? Or will they find themselves on opposing sides again when all hope is lost?

Is Ramse Really Dead?

Ramse and his team died at the hands of the Witness after being ambushed at Titan. In this week's episode, Ramse died, but is he really dead? This is a show about time travel, after all, so could someone save him? However, that then leads to the question of how? Cole and Cassie are now no longer to travel through time, so who can save Ramse?

Who Is The Witness?

When Ramse confronted the Witness, he wore a mask, so viewers did not get to see the face underneath it. So, who is he? Why is he so determined to destroy time? One theory is that the Witness is actually Cole, who somehow lost all hope at some point and just wanted to end it all. However, if it's Cole, how did he get back to the future, and what events led him to become the Witness?

What Exactly Is Titan?

Titan is there one moment and gone the next. So, what exactly is this mysterious industrial-like complex in the Red Forest? With it being the main headquarters of the Witness, is Titan some kind of time machine, capable of not just traveling through time, but also manipulating it?

What Is The House?

It's no coincidence that Cole bought the house in 1959 that Cassie has seen in most of her visions. It's also no coincidence that almost everything she knows about that house is accurate. So, how does it play into future events? Also, is the house somehow connected to Titan? Why is it so important?

The 12 Monkeys season finale airs on Syfy on July 18 at 9 p.m. EDT.

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