Samsung is showing gamers a little love in offering a curved, 27-inch monitor that promises a more immersive experience than flat rivals with the same amount of digital real estate.

While PC gamers who haven't made the leap yet to 4k gaming consider bunny hopping to 2.5k for a few years, Samsung's new rounded monitor is a bit of a curveball.

Yes, the 27-inch, curved SD590C is a 1080p monitor. But while it may offer a standard count of pixels, the curved design's absorptive viewing angle could make for just as immersive an experience as an ultra-HD display -- it can also be daisy chained into a three-monitor setup.

"Through its carefully selected curvature of 4000R, the monitor has a wider field of view than flat 27-inch panels, drawing viewers in like no other LED, while also making the display seem bigger than 27 inches," says Samsung in a press release. "Furthermore, since the user is absorbed in the onscreen action, peripheral visual clutter is reduced, providing a more comfortable viewing experience that is significantly easier on the eyes."

The curved designed may catch the eyes of visitors, but Samsung says it took careful consideration to minimize the amount of attention the display attracts. The SD590C has been given a conservative bezel so that the user's eyes aren't drawn away from the content on the screen.

As a monitor that targets gamers, the SD590C has game modes for its display and attached speakers. The sound system's game mode is said to equalize sounds and optimize game noises to stand out, while the video output's enhancements adjusts the displays colors in response to changes in the game.

"[Game Mode] intelligently detects changes in scenes, enhances the color, and alters the screen's contrast to make the darks darker and the lights lighter. With Game Mode, users can see all the action at all times, even in the darkest scenes. The curved screen makes the action more lifelike than ever, plunging users into a gaming experience so exhilarating it will keep them at the edge of their seat."

The curved monitor has an MSRP of $429, a good deal cheaper than some of Samsung's other curved offerings. As it is a 27-inch monitor, the SD590C has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and it supports a standard refresh rate of 60Hz.

"As a leader in the display industry, Samsung is committed to pushing the envelope on both monitor design and technology to offer consumers the best experience possible," said Ron Gazzola, vice president of marketing at Samsung Electronics America. "The SD590C represents that vision, with a curved design that was carefully engineered to draw you into the display and truly make you feel a part of the content."

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