AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Now Getting Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow


Exciting news for consumers using Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2 today! If you're on AT&T's network, your device is slated to receive the Marshmallow update now.

For the uninitiated, though we doubt anyone is, Android M — or Android 6.0 and its dessert counterpart, Marshmallow — brings a slew of new and efficient updates to the Android ecosystem of devices, like the battery-saving app Doze, the Now on Tap feature and more secure and customizable ways to control your apps' access.

Included in the Galaxy Tab S2 OS update for AT&T subscribers is the NumberSync function that enables users to access regular smartphone actions, like voice and video calls, on their tablet. The S2 will use the owner's existing mobile number and will work even if the smartphone isn't in its close proximity, as AT&T describes.

In preparation for the estimated 1 GB Marshmallow download, the telecommunications network highly recommends its subscribers to back up their data before installing the update. While there is no actual cause for users to do so since, purportedly, the update won't directly impact the device's saved information, it's better to play on the safe side and ensure all data is kept intact just in case.

AT&T also warns that users won't be able to downgrade back to Android Lollipop once the tablet enters the Marshmallow era, unless of course they go through unofficial means to accomplish such — in most, if not all cases, this will void the Galaxy Tab S2's warranty.

Manual Update

1. We strongly recommend that users charge their battery to full before upgrading their device's OS. Fair warning: a tablet unexpectedly dying down in the middle of the update will kill the device.

2. Once connected to a preferred Wi-Fi network (mobile data is highly discouraged, as we don't want you incurring a pricey monthly rate), access the tablet's Settings menu, either through the notifications tab located at the top or through its app icon on the apps tray.

3. Scroll to the very bottom and tap About Device and then Software Update. Tap the button for Check for Updates on the next screen.

4. A successive window will prompt the user to download the update and install the OS.

5. Once done upgrading, the tablet will automatically restart. Enjoy your new optimized OS!

6. Additionally, to check if the tablet is running the Marshmallow OS, users may return to the About Device screen. On this screen, the Android Version should read as "6.0.1" while the Baseband Version should read as "T817AUCU2BPF2." Note the "PF2" end, which in previous version was "PB2."

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