Krispy Kreme Pairs Up With Cheerwine Beverage Company To Make Doughnut-Flavored Soda


People who crave for a doughnut can now satisfy their sweet tooth by drinking from a bottle.

No it isn't some form of a magic potion that liquefies doughnuts in a box. Krispy Kreme just rolled out what may seem to be a horrible concoction for health buffs and a curious new offering for those who love sweetened beverages: a doughnut flavored-soda.

The North-Carolina based doughnut chain has paired up with soft drink brand Cheerwine to create a cherry cola, which is said to taste like Krispy Kreme's iconic glazed doughnut. This new drink is called Cheerwine Kreme.

Customers in South Carolina, North Carolina and some parts of Georgia can get bottles of Cheerwine Kreme in convenience stores, grocery stores and Krispy Kreme shops as the product is only readily available in these areas.

Customers from the rest of the country, however, need not worry about not getting a taste of the drink. While they won't be able to pick up the beverage locally, they have the option to buy the product via the internet as Cheerwine has already set up a special page to cater to customers who do not have other options but to buy the new drink online.

"From the makers of both Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme, Cheerwine Kreme tastes like Cheerwine with a hint of Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed flavor. Smooth and refreshing, perfect for any occasion," Cheerwine described the soda on its website.

With its high sugar content and empty calories, the soda is not the healthiest of beverages and certainly not a welcome addition to drinks and food products that fuel America's obesity epidemic. This, however, has not stopped curious people from giving the drink a try. Some who have tasted it already gave their verdict.

"We tried it this weekend. Lots of fizz almost too much at first then turned flat real fast. Not really planning on finding out if the next one is the same. Going back to the regular stuff," a social media user who goes by the name Jane Stroda commented on Cheerwine's Facebook page.

USA Today Life reporters also tried the new drink on Tuesday and said that the soda smelled like a cross between Dr. Pepper and cherries but it did not exactly taste like doughnuts.

This is not the first time that the two companies have worked together to unite their sweet treats. Six years ago, Krispy Kreme also sold a Cheerwine-filled doughnut albeit the product was only available for a limited time.

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