Remember the card game UNO? It's coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, thanks to Ubisoft.

However, this isn't the first time that the game will be making its way to consoles. Back in 2006 and 2009, UNO was made available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with the Xbox 360 version going on to become the first Xbox Live Arcade title to be downloaded 1 million times.

Ubisoft's version will be available for download on Aug. 9 and will have social and online features. Players will be able to communicate via video and voice chat as well as drop in and out of games because of the online functionality.

Those with competitive streaks can also track their standings on global and weekly leaderboards that can be viewed online.

Like the original game, Ubisoft's UNO will follow classic rules like the ability to pass down penalties to other players, swapping with or passing down hands to players and playing a card out of turn if an identical card is played.

However, house rules can also be personalized, allowing players to come up with the craziest matches they can think of.

Those new to UNO need not worry because the game will come with tutorials, as well as an overview of the rules and in-game tips so anyone can learn the basics right away.

This version of UNO will also come with the exclusive Wacky Rabbids theme, putting into play four new cards, like the Wild Blue Yonder that lets players protect themselves from draw cards while a penalty is being passed.

After UNO in August, Ubisoft is set to release Watch Dogs 2 in November. A number of things were revealed about the game during E3 2016, but Danny Belanger, the game's director, confirmed earlier in this month that AR mini games will not be making a comeback with the Watch Dogs sequel.

Instead, Watch Dogs 2 will offer more city exploration, allowing players to unlock side quests they can pursue, if they want. The game is also focusing on its multiplayer mode to provide players with more seamless co-op play.

Watch Dogs 2 will also not have the watchtowers that have characterized Ubisoft games for so long. The studio has been using the same progression system for its games for nearly 10 years now and the Watch Dogs sequel will be its first move to step away from its beloved watchtowers.

Like UNO, Watch Dogs 2 will be released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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