Sesame Street is a brand that children know and love.

It is also a brand that parents can trust. While the company has been educating and entertaining children for generations, it is now taking its first steps into the world of health tech with the launch of its first connected product.

Sesame Street partnered up with the digital smart thermometer-maker Kinsa to release the Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer and app.

"Some of the most challenging times for both kids and caregivers are when a child isn't feeling well," Gabriela Arenas, VP of Sesame Street licensing of North America, said. "We're pleased to work with companies like Kinsa, who like us, are committed to providing support to keep families healthy and happy."

Powered by Kinsa's FDA-approved technology that takes temperature readings in seconds, the Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer features the lovable Sesame Street character that talks to the child to offer them sympathy and words of encouragement like that he hopes they "feel better soon."

Having the character on the thermometer and his ability to speak to the sick child through the device may make them more willing to have their parent take their temperature when they are scared or fussy.

"Children are the primary spreaders of illness, and parents are super-users of thermometers. But dealing with a sick child is never easy or fun," Lauren Davis, VP of marketing at Kinsa told Tech Times. "We knew that if we could make temperature-taking easier on parents — even enjoyable for children — it could help parents during this challenging time. Kinsa offers peace of mind to parents by remembering illness details for them, guiding them with next steps if their child is ill, and now, offering them an ally in Elmo, who can keep kids calm and maybe even elicit a giggle or two when smiles are hardest to come by."

The thermometer features an infrared temperature sensor with accuracy that meets performance standards and a comfortable ear probe that is gentle enough on sleeping babies so as not to disturb them.

The parent just needs to put the probe against their child's ear, and with one push of a button, it will automatically know if they are running a fever. There is only one button and one setting to make things easy for parents and prevents the device from looking scary to young children. It takes just one second to get the reading.

The device is easy to clean with a cotton swab and alcohol, and is water-resistant and features a backlit LCD screen for taking a child's temperature at nighttime.

Beyond just revealing the child's temperature, the Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer also connects to the accompanying Kinsa app so that the parent can track their child's symptoms and fever readings to inform their pediatrician, as well as enter in the diagnosis and track medication doses when their child is sick.

The app also provides parents with real-time guidance after taking a temperature reading, informing them when they should call the doctor based on the child's age and reading.

The Kinsa app is compatible with the iPhone 4s to 6s and SE models, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and 5, Galaxy S4 to S6 and HTC One M8 devices.

Kinsa's Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer retails for $59.99 and is available starting today on the company's website. The connected health device will also be available on Amazon and Target stores starting next month.

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