A new gadget that detects where sunscreen has been applied on the body — and more importantly, where it hasn't, is on the way. The product, known as Sunscreenr, utilizes a viewfinder and special filter in order to analyze whether sunscreen has been properly and successfully applied.

We've all had the experience. After trekking to the beach and dragging our bag of lotions, sprays and sticks and applying them all vigilantly throughout the day, we return home, only to notice areas where our skin is still sunburned because we missed a spot, or our sunscreen came off on certain parts. Besides the obvious pain and embarrassment of random areas of bright red skin on our bodies, excessive skin exposure without the proper protection can be dangerous, even deadly.

The creators of Sunscreenr, David Cohen and Jon Meyer, aim to change all that. They were inspired when a family member battled skin cancer, and determined to help sun-worshipers detect the spots they would otherwise miss when applying — and reapplying — sunscreen. According to the creators, most people apply only 25 to 50 percent of the amount of sunscreen they need in order to be adequately protected.

Using a specially-made filter and custom lens, Sunscreenr uses proprietary algorithms to detect and then display an image of exactly where sunscreen has been applied on the body. It can detect all sunscreens with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or above, and is water- and sand-proof. It charges by way of a built-in USB port, and allows the viewer to detect the amount of sunscreen that has been applied through a special viewfinder.

For those who are wondering how they can use the device if they take a trip to the beach alone and have no one to check them out through the viewfinder, Sunscreenr's creators have incorporated a video camera into the device that takes up to 30 seconds of footage that can then be played back and viewed by solo beachgoers.

The device was originally introduced on Kickstarter, where it surpassed its goal, and it is now in a second round of funding on Indiegogo, where a device can be preordered for $93.

The Sunscreenr is not available yet, and isn't expected to hit the shelves until December. So, even though you can't try it during this blazing hot summer of 2016, you can potentially use one on your next winter getaway.

Check out the video below to see Sunscreenr in action.

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