Another familiar face to Batman fans will be joining the cast of Gotham: Harvey Dent, the attorney who will eventually become the villain Two-Face. 

Actor Nicholas D'Agosto has signed on to play Dent before his iconic fall from grace. Deadline reports he will be a recurring character in season one of the show with the option of becoming a regular in season two. The character in the past has been played by Tommy Lee Jones and most recently by Aaron Eckhart in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

Agosto's past work includes Masters of Sex, Grey's Anatomy and the upcoming Netflix comedy Grace & Frankie.

Harvey Dent will be joining a long list of "pre-villain" characters that currently populate the Batman prequel story that is Fox's Gotham. As the show takes place shortly after the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, Batman doesn't yet exist, and most of the characters featured in the show are younger versions of iconic heroes and villains well known to fans of the Dark Knight. Edward Nigma works as a police forensics expert and will eventually become the Riddler. Oswald Cobblepot works for the mob but has yet to adopt the name Penguin. A child version of Poison Ivy, a character that would seem too outlandish to appear in Gotham's grounded version of the DC Comics universe, has even made an appearance. 

And those are just the characters who have already officially shown up in the show. Fox released a two and a half minute look at the future of Gotham, and it includes a whole host of familiar DC characters and locations that will appear in the show. The legendary Arkham Asylum is shown, where Batman locks up many of his psychotic foes, as is a man that looks to be the villain Scarecrow. Serial killer Victor Zsasz is teased, as is mob boss Sal Maroni, who interestingly enough in the DC Comic world is responsible for spilling acid onto the face of Harvey Dent, making him go insane and transforming Dent into Two-Face. 

The idea of Arkham City, first seen in the 2011 video game Batman: Arkham City, is also teased as a means for the mayor to redevelop the area surrounding the decrepit Arkham Asylum. One thing is for certain: Gotham isn't shying away from using everything the Batman universe has to offer.

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