"Easter eggs" are defined, for the purposes of this article, as quick winks at elements from the DC Comics universe. Nearly every character from last night's premiere of Gotham came straight out of the comics, including Selena Kyle (Catwoman), Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), Edward Nygma (Riddler), Renee Montoya, Crispus Alan, Carmine Falcone and Mayor Aubrey James. We don't consider these Easter eggs, because they're well known and quite expected.

The Easter eggs we're going to talk about are the little things, the throwaway lines and background glimpses that you may have missed.

Batman's cape

Shortly after his parents' tragic murder, young Bruce Wayne is wrapped in a dark blanket as he sits crying on a fire escape. The blanket is wrapped in such a way as to evoke the cape Bruce will one day wear as Batman.

Barbara Kean's apartment

Did you see the giant clock window on one wall of Barbara Kean's studio apartment? It was only on the screen for a few seconds, but it was hard to miss.

DC Comics fans know that the future daughter of Jim Gordon and Barbara (Kean) Gordon will also be named Barbara Gordon, and will grow up to become Batgirl. After she's crippled by the Joker in The Killing Joke comic, the younger Barbara takes on the persona of Oracle, a master hacker who uses her skills to aid superheroes the world over. Oracle operates out of the penthouse of a Gotham high-rise -- specifically, in the building's clock tower.

Fish Mooney's dancers

When Gordon and Bullock visit Fish Mooney's bar, a trio of barely-dressed dancers are practicing their moves on stage. What's interesting about this was very easy to miss.

The dancers were all wearing black and red in patterns that intentionally resembled the outlandish outfit worn by villain Harley Quinn. It's unlikely any of those dancers will go on to become Joker's main squeeze, but the costume department probably got a kick out of throwing this little wink in there.

4th and Grundy

At one point, Harvey Bullock calls up his partner Jim Gordon and says he has a lead on the Wayne case. He asks Gordon to meet him at "the corner of 4th and Grundy."

In DC continuity, a man named Cyrus Gold is murdered and then revived as a hulking, zombie-like monster named Solomon Grundy. He takes the name after a popular nursery rhyme.

Bullock's shot

Harvey Bullock is a long established character in the comics, where he's depicted as a drunken, corrupt cop (though he eventually cleans up his act). One of the most famous images of Bullock in the comics is the cover art from Gotham Central #22, which features the memorable pose of him staring down the barrel of his pistol.

In Gotham's pilot, Harvey Bullock saves his partner's life by shooting Mario Pepper. When the camera pans to Bullock, we see him standing there, gun drawn, in the same unmistakable pose. Add some rain and a cigarette, and it would be a carbon copy.

The Comedian

Anytime you're in the Batman universe and a character pops up who tells jokes, it's impossible not to think of the Joker. But don't get your hopes up.

Gotham's producers have stated repeatedly that while they do intend to incorporate the Joker's origins into the show, it will be a very slow burn, and there will be many guest stars who could eventually become the Joker. In fact, it may turn into something of a running gag, with a new potential Joker virtually every week. The idea is to keep viewers guessing, so that hopefully when he does finally show up, it will be a huge surprise.

Hey parents, raise your hand if your jaw dropped when you realized that the comedian was played by Jon Beavers of the godawful Fresh Beat Band on Nickelodeon.

The Casino

One panning shot of the city included a glimpse of the Gotham City Casino. In the comics, the Iceberg Casino is owned and operated by the Penguin. The GCC was likely just a throwaway to underscore Gotham's mob presence, but there's always the chance that it could become more.

So did we miss any? And what did you think of the Gotham pilot?

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