Pokémon GO fans eagerly waiting for the Pokémon GO Plus accessory are in for some disappointing news as the gadget is facing some delays.

The Pokémon GO Plus was supposed to launch this month, enhancing the whole experience that made Pokémon GO a widespread, global social phenomenon. However, Nintendo has confirmed the accessory is now slated to hit the market in September.

Those who already preordered the Pokémon GO Plus accessory hoping to get it in July will now have to choose whether it's worth the wait or not. Customers can either cancel their preorder, if they don't want to wait so long to get the device, or muster their patience and hope the September release won't get delayed as well.

Unfortunately, it seems that delays are a given with the record-breaking title. Pokémon GO launched late in Japan, following delays, while other markets across Asia, including China, are yet to see a release.

In this context, a delay for the wearable device that will complement the game is not all that surprising.

For those unfamiliar with the gadget, the Pokémon GO Plus is a nifty little wearable designed to pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth LE, enabling users to catch monsters and acquire items in Pokémon GO without having to pull out their phone. Considering the game takes quite a toll on a smartphone's battery life, the accessory sounds like a trustworthy sidekick.

The Pokémon GO Plus will retail at $34.99 once it finally launches, but it remains to be seen whether it will still be a hit at that point. Pokémon GO quickly soared in popularity and reached 75 million estimated downloads on Android and iOS combined, becoming the most successful mobile game to date in just two short weeks after its launch.

Despite the outstanding initial success, however, Pokémon GO has already started to decline in the United States, as the initial enthusiasm is gradually waning. With this in mind, the Pokémon GO Plus accessory would have been in great demand if it launched alongside the game or shortly after the game's release, but it may not enjoy the same hype in September.

The product delay also translates to a missed opportunity for Pokémon profits, after Nintendo recorded [pdf] a hefty $49 million operating loss. The company's shares took a tumble too, and the Pokémon GO Plus delay certainly doesn't help.

Would you wait until September for the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, or would it be too late?

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