Fans of American Horror Story are finally getting a taste of the creepiness of the new season.

The first wave of promos for American Horror Story season 6 premiered on Snapchat on Wednesday, revealing just enough to have viewers excited about what's to come, while still being mysterious enough to let our imaginations run wild.

While very little is known about season 6 of the popular horror series, co-creator Ryan Murphy has previously hinted on potential tie-ins to season 1, known as Murder House. Interestingly enough, one of the first promos teases at this very connection.

Many fans have been wondering about the devil baby named Michael who Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) gave birth to in season 1, and who was then given to neighbor and grandmother Constance (Jessica Lange).

The first of the promos features a bassinet with a mobile that doesn't include cute little stuffed animal sheep or the like. Instead, there are various weapons like a knife and sickle that also make the question mark that has been seen in promo photos thus far (this season's logo is "?6"). Along with hearing the baby cry, at the end of the teaser comes a monstrous hand that reaches out that alludes to the fact that this is some demon child.

There is another promo that features someone walking down the stairs into a basement-like setting with hands reaching out to grab them. Could this season include people who are locked up in a house that torments the new owners?

Going back to the sickle that doubles as the question mark, this imagery does hint at the fact that season 6 might go all Children of the Corn meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on us and be about a house that is set on some farmland.

This theory is further proven in the last promo, which features the six logo that is seen in form of smoke coming from the chimney of a farmhouse off in the distance. Surrounded by nothing but fields, viewers can hear a chainsaw and some screams, which is music to our ears.

We do know that Constance raises Michael somewhere unknown, only to find that he murdered his nanny. Could it be that he now lives in this remote location to prevent him from becoming a serial killer? Is he living with others in the basement or does he collect and torture people and keep them captive?

There is also a quick glimpse at Lady Gaga in another teaser, but all we see is a centipede crawling down her face. However, she does have green eyes, which is something that is seen in another clip that reveals a family with the same glowing eyes. Could there be an alien connection to this farm?

There are countless questions for this question mark of a season thus far, but from the looks of it, viewers will surely be in store for one hell of a ride as always.

American Horror Story season 6 will premiere on FX earlier this time around on Sept. 14. 

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