Since American Horror Story: Hotel wrapped up earlier this year, fans of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's FX series have been waiting on the edges of their seats to find out what the theme for season 6 will be, its exact October premiere date and which actors will be returning this time around.

Early rumors suggested that the latest season of the chilling show would be about the internet meme supernatural character Slender Man that played a role in the true to life crime of a stabbing allegedly committed by two 12-year-olds. After seeing the effect creepy children had on AHS: Hotel, this theory could be a possibility for the still untitled sixth season, especially since Murphy did tease at the potential return of children.

The plot has not yet been confirmed (but this season will take place in the present with ties to the past), so at this point it is still anyone's guess. However, the new season has reportedly already begun shooting, which means that little by little, more details will start to fall from Murphy's tight lips.

Now, there is confirmation that another AHS alumni is joining the season 6 cast: Cheyenne Jackson.

We are keeping track of all the stars that will spook on screen in the latest installment of the drama series. Here's the ongoing list of actors returning for American Horror Story season 6.

Cheyenne Jackson

The actor revealed that he will be coming back for another season of AHS in a recent interview with Out magazine.

Although he didn't give away details about the upcoming season, Jackson not only confirmed his comeback, but also that filming has indeed begun. While there are some connections to previous seasons, fans know that each time around the recurring cast members take on new roles. In AHS: Hotel, Jackson played Will Drake — the fashion designer and new owner of Cortez, who went on to marry Countess Elizabeth (Lady Gaga).

Lady Gaga

Speaking about Gaga, Mother Monster played the mother of a pack of vampire children as the seductive Countess last season. After winning a Golden Globe for her performance, Murphy made it clear that he wanted Gaga to come back, and in March the singer confirmed she would be doing exactly that during a radio interview with New York's Z100. She said that she couldn't say how or when fans can expect her to make her grand appearance, but since it was like she was born for her previous role, fans can expect another passionate performance.


Angela Bassett

The actress was the first confirmed cast member of AHS season 6 after she accidentally let the news slip during an interview with Larry King in February. Then in March she revealed that her character "might be psychic," although she noted this might change.

This makes Bassett's fourth season as a cast member, as she previously played the voodoo queen Marie Laveau in Coven, the three breasted performer Desiree Dupree in Freak Show and Gaga's rival Ramona Royale in Hotel.

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