Apple knows the troubles iOS 9.3.3 has caused iDevice owners: issues emerged mainly with the iBooks app after the update. But it was a different problem that caused the update's first two weeks of life to be less than stellar.

The Cupertino company has confirmed with Forbes that the bigger problem had to do with a server issue, which hit them during the launch of iOS 9.3.3, putting to rest (somehow) the idea that another OS update might have to be rolled out as an antidote to the glitch.

"Don't hold your breath for iOS 9.4," writes Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly in his report. This is a sobering reminder since iOS 9.3.3 is poised to be the last OS upgrade for older devices such as the iPhone 4s and iPad 2.

The problem with the iBooks app and other collections post-iOS 9.3.3 and with the server at the time was all "just a badly timed coincidence." Apple may have hit a wall in the iOS 9.3.3 update, it seems, but the server hiccup has now been fixed.

"Apple also asked me to reassure users that their iBooks and PDFs were never in danger as they are backed up in iCloud," Kelly adds.

Had iOS 9.3.3, being the last update for older iDevices, been troubled with a flaw, things could have turned ugly. But Twitter and consumer forums seem to have quieted down with complaints over iOS 9.3.3 issues.

Better Than iOS 9.3.2

Perhaps an important saving grace of the iOS 9.3.3, though, is that it is not as bug-infested as its predecessor, the iOS 9.3.2 which, going by our own thread here on Tech Times, seems to have earned more than a few frustrated Apple customers.

After our report on the way iOS 9.3.2 has bricked devices and caused freezing, random reboots, battery drain and Bluetooth issues, Tech Times readers shared individual problems they had encountered.

With no remarkable features offered by iOS 9.3.2, one reader points out, it may be best to skip the update. But for those who have already faced glitches after upgrading, the successor iOS 9.3.3 would inevitably have to be installed to rid their device of issues. Users who are quietly sitting still — and waiting for an even bigger update instead — may be luckier.

iOS 10 Features

Bear in mind that the iOS 10 is being primed for release in the fall. It may be best for users to just hold off until the 10th iteration of Apple's mobile OS is released to the public.

Some of iOS 10's unique features include the ability to capture one's handwriting when posting a message.

There is also the so-called "invisible ink" that keeps images and text "hidden" until a user swipes them.

Still, another novel messaging tool in iOS 10 is the "tapback" feature. By simply touching the screen, iDevice owners can use one of six quick responses.

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