Xiaomi could be ramping up to bring a VR headset to the tech world, and it might happen sooner than you think.

The OEM already began to focus on crafting electronics other than smartphones, and has so far built smart devices that are useful in any household, such as smart air purifiers and rice cookers.

According to GizmoChina's reports, the OEM might showcase a new VR headset built on Google's Daydream at the beginning of August. One incentive for Xiaomi to enter the increasingly crowded space of VR gadgets is its own MIUI OS, which is also built on Android. All of Xiaomi's handsets come with MIUI out of the box, and fans of the company commend the Android-based operating system for its hefty list of customization options and smart features.

Tang Mu, the company's GM, revealed the plans for the upcoming VR headset from Xiaomi. According to Mu, his company is working to deliver a VR headset that should pack the ultimate VR experience for MIUI users. Mu also confirmed that Xiaomi's VR headset will play well with Google's Daydream VR platform.

At this year's Google I/O event, Xiaomi was a surprise guest.

The company showcased a 4K enabled Mi Box that is Android TV compatible, but insiders familiar with the matter have long since pointed out that the OEM has bigger plans. With a large base of users of affordable smartphones, Xiaomi has a significant footprint in the smartphone industry. By releasing a VR headset that would cater to those who are on a budget, the company could carve a path for those users to enjoy VR, as well.

Seeing how Xiaomi has a reputation for delivering affordable devices, its VR headset that works on Daydream should stay on track and be on the non-expensive side.

Google talked about Daydream during the I/O 2016, pointing out that it will be the native platform for Android. The upcoming Android versions will have the platform pre-installed, so that users can get the most immersive experience from their current compatible gadgets.

At the event, Google underlined that all smartphones that will carry Daydream will be fitted with specific hardware to enable the compatibility between devices, and there is a high chance that Xiaomi will pour out compatible smartphones.

Xiaomi is far from being the only manufacturer that crafts VR devices with its flagship division of smartphones in mind. Samsung already builds its own GearVR, which is powered by Oculus, for its flagship Galaxy range.

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