After being creeped out to the core by American Horror Story's latest string of teasers, more details about season 6 continue to be revealed.

This time, fans are learning more about this year's theme.

The set of teaser trailers gave us some insight to what we can expect this season. We know that it will take place in some kind of rural farm setting, complete with weapons like the sickle. Viewers can expect monsters of some sort in the more half-human, half-demon sense that hint at the baby from Murder House, as well as those that potentially live under the house of this season's main character.

Fans were also introduced to a family that appeared only as black silhouettes with green eyes (just like Lady Gaga's in another promo). While it's hard to make out, it appears that the female and child are dressed in long dresses, with the man in a suit-like ensemble with a hat — all very Puritan-esque.

While this all piqued our interest, TMZ published the first images from the AHS season 6 set that further hints at this Puritan theme.

The photos obtained feature one that has the word "Croatoan" sketched into a tree. This is a reference to the true story surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke colony.

For those unfamiliar with this story, here's the quick history lesson:

Known as the "Lost Colony," the Roanoke Island colony was founded by the English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh in August 1585. It was located in what is known as today's Dare County in North Carolina. However, the original colonists returned to England a year later after suffering from Indian attacks and a low food supply.

Then, in 1587, John White (friend of Raleigh and later governor of the colony) led a second group of 117 colonists to settle there. White traveled back to England to bring back more supplies, and by the time he returned in 1590, the entire colony had mysteriously vanished.

There were no signs of attack, and nothing — not even skeletal remains — were found at the deserted colony. The only thing found was the word "Croatoan," the name of the Native American tribe that lived in the area that was traced into a fencepost.

It is known that a severe drought occurred during those years, but if that was the cause, bodies would have been found. Some believe the colonists might have joined the tribe. Croatoan was also the name of an island located nearby. The colonists could have relocated to the island; however, before White left, he instructed them to carve a Maltese Cross in a tree if they were forced to leave the colony. That was not found.

The mystery continues to baffle archaeologists today and has been the true-life inspiration behind many ghost stories.

Ryan Murphy and gang have not officially announced American Horror Story season 6's theme yet, but TMZ also reported to seeing actors dressed in Pilgrim clothing. While this means no modern-day take on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we have high expectations for the potential story of the Lost Colony.

Source: TMZ

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