Samsung Launches VR Experience That Takes Fans Inside The World Of ‘Suicide Squad’


Regardless of the mixed reviews from critics, DC Comics fans will be flocking to theaters to see the baddie antihero film Suicide Squad this weekend. Then, Samsung is allowing for viewers to continue entering the world these characters live in once they get back home.

Samsung and Warner Bros. Pictures teamed up to develop Squad 360: The VR Experience, the interactive and immersive experience that first debuted at San Diego Comic-Con last month. Now, the experience is available for those who own the Samsung Gear VR.

The virtual reality experience gives the viewer the feeling that they are a member of the Squad during an action-packed scene, which is described as being one of "the coolest scenes from the movie" and involves an explosive gun battle.

The experience starts with Viola Davis' character Amanda Walker explaining the mission on which the viewer is about to embark. The viewer is then standing in an office building alongside Task Force X as a group of enemies approach.

Since the viewer is in the middle of the room, they can turn in all directions to catch what each character is up to, getting 360-degree views of the entire scene. This includes seeing Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) using her bat to bash in some brains, while Headshot (Will Smith) proves he's a great shot before the viewer is given an aerial view of all the antiheroes fighting in a circle.

Then, they get to experience the scene again, this time from the perspective of Harley Quinn. This brings a whole new level of cosplay into people's hands — or rather, eyes.

Then, the viewer learns the secrets to how Squad 360: The VR Experience was made.

To create the experience, the team used VR cameras and worked closely with the film's stunt choreographer to capture the scene when filming the movie.

"The virtual reality work on Suicide Squad was the very first time in any major motion picture that there was real characters used," Guy Norris, 2nd unit director and stunt coordinator for the movie, said.

These included a global camera that was placed on a cable that slowly tracked the sequence, as well as having the actors wear a VR rig on their heads. Both allow the viewer to feel like they too are in the scene themselves.

Along with not being able to experience a scene from Suicide Squad in virtual reality to the Squad 360 experience, those who purchase a Samsung Galaxy tablet will get two free movie tickets to see the film and a code to stream Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice while supplies last.

Suicide Squad hits theaters Friday, Aug. 5.

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