Fans of 1980s comedy duo Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are in for a treat, at least if they are also video gamers. The comedy duo is reuniting for Sony's upcoming title Little Big Planet 3.

Fry and Laurie are a famous and successful English comedy duo, but the two haven't worked together in a long time, although they'll be seen together soon in an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Canterbury Ghost.

In the meantime, though, the two are voices of characters for Little Big Planet 3. This is Fry's third outing with the game, as the narrator, but this time, he'll come up against the villainous Newton, as voiced by Laurie.

"We have naturally always been big fans of Stephen Fry, so when it came to deciding upon a voice to act as his dastardly counterpart, we couldn't help but think that bringing Hugh Laurie on as the voice of Newton would be just the perfect double act for Little Big Planet 3," writes Sony on its PlayStation blog. "We couldn't be happier to have him on-board!"

Sony also announced that Nolan North, most widely known as the voice of Nathan Drake in the popular Uncharted video games, will be joining Fry and Laurie in Little Big Planet 3. Other voice actors you'll hear are Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead), Simon Greenall (Alan Partridge, Wimbledon) and Tara Strong (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).

Finally, Sony teased that additional voices from a previous Little Big Planet title will be returning for the third game, but for now, they're keeping quiet about who those voice actors are.

"Mum's the word for now, though!" writes Sony. "We're already saying too much! Maybe, just maybe, one of your favorite characters will be making a return, though!"

The Little Big Planet 3 bundle recently made an appearance on Amazon in the U.K., as well. That bundle's price is £386.78 (about $617) with a release date of Nov. 21. However, Sony has not yet confirmed details about this bundle.

The official date for the release of Little Big Planet 3 is Nov. 18 for North America and Nov. 19 for Europe on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Preorders in North America come with bonuses, such as a set of game characters from Dragon Age: Inquisition, additional costumes, T-shirts and even plushies.

Little Big Planet 3 adds features to the game series, including new playable characters, as well as upgrades for main character Sackboy and editable character statistics.

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