OnePlus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Dash Charge Thrashes Adaptive Fast Charging [Video]


The OnePlus 3 is undoubtedly among the top-end must-have flagship smartphones, and the Android-powered handset boasts quite a few features that give it an edge over rivals.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone is counted as one of the premium Android handsets, but it seems that the OnePlus 3 is better equipped than the former when it comes to charging capabilities.

The battery life and quick charging capabilities are factors that a consumer gives plenty of consideration to when purchasing a new smartphone. The OnePlus 3 comes equipped with Dash Charge, which is essentially a quick charging capability. The Samsung Galaxy S7, on the other hand, also boasts "adaptive charging" which is one of its USPs.

OnePlus decided to take things head-on and pitted its OnePlus 3 smartphone against the Samsung handset, to tout the superior abilities of Dash Charge. The company shared a YouTube video on Aug. 8, which shows the OnePlus 3 taking on the Galaxy S7 when it comes to charging speed.

"With Dash Charge, a full battery is just a plug away. Find out just how much faster than the competition Dash Charge recharges the OnePlus 3's 3,000 mAh battery, as we challenge the Samsung Galaxy S7 to an epic charge-off. Can the S7 keep up with a day's power in half an hour?" proclaims OnePlus.

In the YouTube video, OnePlus disclaims that the charge time of a device can be affected by several factors such as "phone configuration, settings, usage while charging and power source."

The video shows the Galaxy S7 and the OnePlus 3 in action when charging for the same amount of time — 30 minutes. In the same period the Galaxy S7 charges 50 percent, whereas the OnePlus 3 is charged 64 percent.

The second test shows both handsets with their screens turned on while charging for 30 minutes. This time the Dash-Charge-equipped OnePlus 3 gets charged to 67 percent, whereas the Samsung handset with its adaptive fast charging support only manages a paltry 23 percent by comparison.

Considering both the handsets house a 3,000 mAh battery, the OnePlus 3 clearly thrashes the Samsung smartphone. However, one of the reasons why the Galaxy S7 was edged out with ease by the OnePlus 3 could be due to the fact that the former's TouchWiz UI is notorious for consuming ample power.

Nevertheless, the OnePlus 3's Dash Charge routing the adaptive charging capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is quite a mean feat, especially in light of the fact that the former charging technology has only been available for a little less than two months.

Check out the video of the OnePlus 3 take on the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the charging-time challenge.

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