Apple has added the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to its official refurbished online store, as it usually does for products that reach certain points in their lifetime. The massive tablet was launched into the market 10 months ago.

By adding the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to the refurbished store, interested customers will be able to acquire units at discounted prices that can lead to savings of up to $160.

On the online store, Apple has listed the 32 GB model of the Wi-Fi only 12.9-inch iPad Pro at $679, which represents a $120 discount to the tablet's original price tag of $799.

For the 128 GB model of the Wi-Fi only version of the tablet, the listed price is $809, which is $140 less than the original price of $949.

Lastly, the 128 GB model of the Wi-Fi and Cellular version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is also up at the store, at a price of $919 which places a $160 discount on the tablet's original price of $1,079.

For all three models, users can choose from the three color options of gold, silver and space gray. Users can choose to pick up the refurbished iPad Pro units they order, or they can also avail of free shipping.

All the refurbished iPad Pro units will include the same one-year warranty offered to purchases of brand new iPad Pro units, as well as all the accessories and manuals. The refurbished units will also be coming with a new battery and outer shell, along with a new white box, which is all a part of what Apple describes as a rigorous refurbishment process.

The inventory levels of Apple's officially refurbished products fluctuate depending on the available supply though, so users interested in acquiring second-hand 12.9-inch iPad Pro units at lower prices should definitely take advantage of the offer as soon as they can.

It should be noted, however, that there are some retailers that are selling brand new units of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro at a discount, with some prices going even lower than the ones Apple is offering for these refurbished units. It could also be wise to wait around and see if such an offer comes up, though settling for the refurbished units of Apple is not a bad choice either.

Apple, in a new advertisement, has pushed the iPad Pro as a replacement for computers, with the tablet offering customers a more flexible platform compared to traditional desktop computers.

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