Good news for users of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. The iOS and Android versions of the app are now updated and bring a rumored handy new feature users' way — Voice Message.

That's right! iOS and Android users can now update their WhatsApp to version 2.16.8, or version 2.16.229, respectively, which will endow them with the ability to use this feature.

Previously, a caller only had the option to leave a text message if the call was rejected or unanswered. However, with the arrival of the new Voice Message feature, that has changed.

During a call, the new feature will pop up on the device's screen and enables one to instantly record a voicemail in case their WhatsApp call gets declined or was not picked up, but it comes with added options.

Earlier, when a call was declined or was not attended to by the recipient, the screen of the caller would return to the older screen. Now, thanks to the WhatsApp update, users get three buttons or icons that give them the following options: Cancel, Call Again or Voice Message.

If the caller selects the Voice Message option, he/she will see the "Hold to record, release to send" note above the Voice Message icon. The image below illustrates the same.

One can leave a voicemail instantly for the contact without any hassle.

How To Send A Voice Message

Step 1: Tap the Voice Message button.

Step 2: Hold down the Voice Message button to record the message.

Step 3: Once recorded, lift your finger from the button to send the voicemail to the contact who declined or missed your WhatsApp call.

The Voice Message is received by the contact as a recorded voice note. If you mess up the recording, simply cancel the message by sliding it to the left.

The voicemail feature from the Facebook-owned company is pretty neat and helps save a couple of taps to get a recorded message across. One need not hit the voice message icon in the chat window thanks to this feature's arrival. The new feature is quite handy, especially when one is on the go or driving, for instance.

The Voice Message feature for WhatsApp comes barely a week after the company included the option to send Olympic rings emoji. WhatsApp is currently testing another new feature that will enable users to make voice calls via the messaging service. This feature is available in beta for Android. Rumors are also rife that users will soon be able to send GIFs across as well.

You can now download or update your device to the latest WhatsApp version for iOS or Android to take advantage of the new feature.

Photo: Sam Azgor | Flickr 

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