No matter which social media platform users prefer, there is a good chance they are still using both Instagram and Snapchat. So, regardless if users believe that Instagram Stories is a direct rip-off of the disappearing messaging app's feature (which it pretty much is), there is still is a good chance that more people will continue to embrace it over time.

In fact, since we live in a digital world where users love to post updates of their day and see what others are up to on social media, more and more publishers are already embracing the feature as a way to further connect to their audiences.

Companies like CNN, Comedy Central, People and Cosmopolitan are just a few examples of those that began to regularly release Stories on the photo and video app.

While this feature allows more users to view and be exposed to those publishers' content, many companies and brands will be happy to know that Instagram users can now also view Stories on the web.

While features that include having content remain up for 24 hours before disappearing were just released for the iOS and Android versions of Instagram's app, those who prefer to browse the platform on their desktop cannot access the feature from its website.

However, they can now do so thanks to this Chrome extension.

Created by Android software engineer Alec Garcia, Chrome IG Story brings the new Instagram feature instantly to web browsers.

To be able to see friends' Stories above the feed just like on the app, users start by first downloading the free Chrome extension.

There are some differences to how the feature works for desktop as opposed to the app. To see a Story, the user should click on a circular profile picture. They can then use the arrow keys or manually click to scroll through. However, unlike the app where the user can swipe to keep seeing Stories, to see the next one on desktop, the user has to exit the Story and then click on another Story to view what's next.

The add-on also allows browser users to download a Story by right-clicking on a specific profile image in the Story toolbar. This might be alarming to users who might be used to sharing more private videos on Snapchat over the assumption that they disappear. This feature allows Instagram browser users to hang onto content.

Still, at least now, Instagram users can also enjoy the new feature when browsing the web and not just when mobile.

Source: Medium

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