T-Mobile is killing off its service plans with tiered data, instead making all plans unlimited under "T-Mobile One."

The news comes just one day after AT&T announced its Mobile Share Advantage plans, which drop overages and revamp data allotments. That's a pretty big shakeup and an attractive offer to beat, but leave it to T-Mobile to heat up the competition.

The Un-carrier is constantly trying to offer game-changing deals and services and, on some occasions, it actually manages to do so. Bringing back unlimited plans may just be its new game changer, and the T-Mobile One is shaping up as an offer hard to refuse - unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited 4G LTE data.

"With its 12th iconic Un-carrier move, the renegade wireless company today smashed the biggest wireless barrier yet - the data plan," notes the press release.

When it comes to pricing, the T-Mobile One plan will cost $70 per month for the first line, the second line will cost $50, while other additional lines, up to eight, will cost $20 each with auto pay. It's also worth noting that without auto pay, it will cost $5 more per month per line. Users will also be able to add tablets to their T-Mobile One plans for $20 per device.

"The era of the data plan is over," boasts T-Mobile CEO John Legere. "After Un-carrier 12, the wireless industry will never be the same again."

In typical T-Mobile fashion, Legere goes on to mock rival carriers AT&T and Verizon for not keeping up with the times.

"Only T-Mobile's network can handle something as huge as destroying data limits," Legere says. "Dumb and Dumber can't do this. They've been running away from unlimited data for years now, because they built their networks for phone calls, not for how people use smartphones today. I hope AT&T and Verizon try to follow us. In fact, I challenge them to try."

However, while the "unlimited" T-Mobile is touting actually means unlimited, customers will not be able to get maximum speed for all that unlimited 4G LTE data. As the Un-carrier points out, accounts that exceed more than 26 GB of data in a billing month may get slower 4G LTE speeds, as T-Mobile will prioritize those who haven't crossed the threshold. However, this situation should only affect roughly 3 percent of customers.

The new T-Mobile One unlimited plans will go live for new and existing T-Mobile customers on Sept. 6. Current customers will be able to keep their plans if they prefer not to switch to the new T-Mobile One. To get a better idea of the offer, check out the video below.

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