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T-Mobile Unlimited Plan Dialed Down: 4G LTE Data While In Canada Or Mexico To Be Limited To 5 GB

The T-Mobile unlimited plan is changing for customers who regularly travel to Canada or Mexico. Instead of having access to unlimited 4G LTE data, subscribers will now have a data cap of 5 GB.

Business Tech October 13, 2017

T-Mobile Unlimited Data Throttling Cap To Increase From 32 GB to 50 GB: Is That Good Enough?

T-Mobile will soon increase the throttling cap of its unlimited data plan from 32 GB to 50 GB. Is that enough to last a month for most users, and will it attract more customers to switch carriers?

Internet September 19, 2017

Sprint Steps Up Its Game To Now Offer The Cheapest Unlimited Plan For Multiple Lines With HD Video

Sprint announced an improvement to its recently launched unlimited plan that now includes HD video and 10 GB of hotspot data for $50 per line, $90 for two lines and $22.50 per line for four lines.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 16, 2017

T-Mobile Crushes Q4 Estimates With Better Than Expected Profit And Revenue

T-Mobile crushed its estimated profit and revenue for the fourth quarter, and celebrated by sweetening its One unlimited plan.

Business Tech February 14, 2017

Unlimited Data Plan Price War: T-Mobile One Upgrades Offering To Knockout Verizon Unlimited

John Legere has announced that T-Mobile One is upping the ante in response to Verizon's new unlimited data plan. Here are the details you should know.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 14, 2017

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited Plan No Longer Has Extra Fees And Taxes, Offers $10 Credit For Low-Data Users

At CES 2017, T-Mobile CEO John Legere revealed that the company is going all-in on its T-Mobile ONE plan. The Un-carrier Next presentation highlighted several changes coming to the carrier and the unlimited data plan.

Smartphones January 5, 2017

T-Mobile $325 Discount For Google Pixel Now Also Applies To Simple Choice Unlimited Plans

T-Mobile took a shot at Verizon, the exclusive carrier for the Google Pixel, when it launched a $325 offer for the smartphone a few days ago. The Un-carrier has now expanded the offer to allow more subscribers to avail it.

Google October 31, 2016

Sprint Fires Back At T-Mobile With Its Own Unlimited Data Plan: How Do They Stack Up To Each Other?

Right after T-Mobile unveiled the T-Mobile One, Sprint announced Sprint Unlimited Freedom. How do the two unlimited data plans compare to each other, and which one is the better deal?

Business Tech August 19, 2016

Uncarrier 12: T-Mobile One Revives Unlimited Data Plans - Unlimited Talk, Text And 4G LTE Data

AT&T recently announced new Mobile Share Advantage plans, but T-Mobile aims to top that. The Un-carrier is bringing back unlimited plans with the newly announced T-Mobile One, offering unlimited calls, text and 4G LTE data.

Business Tech August 18, 2016

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