Google recently launched its Google Duo app and the software already outranked all other free apps in the Play Store.

Android users seem to really enjoy the video chatting app, which got an icon revamping just prior to its launch. It is a little surprising that the software ranks high in users' preferences, as it was optimized to work in any country (well, any country that Google operates in).

Looking at the Play Store's Top Free Android Apps chart, Google Duo rules supreme in the first place, outpacing established names such as Facebook Messenger, Pokémon GO, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube Music and Instagram.

Justin Uberti, Duo's technical lead, showed his enthusiasm in a tweet underlining the success of the app.

How sustainable the leading position of Duo remains to be seen, but the surging interest shows that Google did a fine job.

Previous reports indicated that some people in North America could not verify their phone numbers via SMS, but luckily that issue got resolved. Over the two days since Duo hit the Play Store, support for additional markets was added. However, it looks like the global rollout has reached its terminus.

Users whose handsets are sporting Android 4.1 or newer can tap into Google's new video chatting app, no matter where they are located. Keep in mind that Duo simply asks for your phone number to get started, and allows users to connect with existent contacts from their handset. Google optimized the software to work flawlessly in poor conditions, and the app can simply switch to audio calling if Wi-Fi connectivity is weak.

While the market is flooded with a plethora of video calling apps, Google Duo was crafted with speed in mind. The software works on Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) and Google coded it to make video calling as simple as possible.

Duo is mobile-exclusive and its developer touts fewer dropped calls, regardless if the user is using cellular connection or Wi-Fi. The good news is that the app can juggle between cellular and Wi-Fi while making calls. What is more, it was built with cross-platform support in mind, making it easy for iOS users to receive calls from their Android counterparts and vice versa.

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