Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with an improved S Pen design, but some users have already somehow managed to get their stylus stuck in the handset.

S Pens getting stuck in smartphones are far from a novelty to Samsung, which had its Note 5 S Pen silo redesigned. The reason for this was that numerous users complained that they inserted their S Pen into the Note 5 backward, leading to it getting stuck.

It looks like the Note 7 silo can also make your S Pen captive, but the question is: how?

Based on reports from XDA Developers, owners who are putting extra pressure when inserting the S Pen back in the Note 7's silo can cause the stylus to get stuck. Specifically, the top of the pen will not bounce back up, with the Pen remaining sunk deeper than the metal side surface of the phone.

What can you do to recover your stylus back once you thrust it too deep in its silo?

1. Albeit obvious, it must be noted that users should stay away from pushing the S Pen with a Hulk-level of force in the silo. Also, it will massively help if pressing the top of the stylus takes under two seconds.

According to Samsung, when you slide the stylus in its place it should show some resistance prior to the user pushing the spring at the top. Once you feel that, click the top briefly and enjoy the secure placing of the S Pen in its silo, ready to be extracted when you need it.

2. Keep in mind that once you get the S Pen inward deep enough, and the spring lacks the capacity to push the top back through the silo's entry seals, you should stop applying pressure, as it will only make it worse.

What you can do is take a needle or a pin and carefully pry up the S Pen's top. Once it springs back and levels with the side surface, you can proceed to extract the stylus. Should you want to avoid scratching the edges of the Pen or phone, wrap the blade of the pin in a thin piece of paper.

3. It appears that using the S Pen and placing it back in the handset tends to fix the issue in the long run. This means that, even if you notice it getting stuck initially, just pry it up a bit with a pin, and repeat until you notice the issue self-resolving.

Or you could simply push gently when you harbor the stylus into your Note 7 the right way.

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