Microsoft has doubled down on the idea of Xbox and PC gaming being two sides of the same coin, so much so in fact that Microsoft is giving away free PC copies of all of its upcoming exclusive titles when users purchase the same game digitally on Xbox One.

With that being said, there's still no word on when Halo, Xbox's biggest exclusive, will arrive on Windows 10 PCs. Though Halo 5's Forge creation tools are set to arrive for free for Windows 10 users later this year, it remains to be seen if Halo 5 itself or the eventual Halo 6 will actually release on PC.

It's hardly surprising, then, that a group of fans is taking the matter into their own hands. They're creating a new, multiplayer-focused Halo from the ground-up, with plans for it to be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It's called Installation 01, and it already looks impressive.

A new behind-the-scenes look at the project shines light on just how much work is being put behind Installation 01. The team is creating brand new multiplayer maps, as well as piecing together animations and visuals from scratch using Unity. One of the most interesting parts of the video revolves around the direction in which the team wants the project to go. Should it be a more classic Halo experience, or should it incorporate newer elements of the franchise, like sprint, smart-link and the thruster pack?

"After a month long discussion, we decided we were going to be home to a more classic experience," says one person involved in the project. "That means all the maps are going to be designed with a base walking speed with no sprint or thrusters and smart-scope will be removed from the game. However, the option for players to make use of features like sprint and thrusters will be available in custom games, and we're going to provide users with tools that they need to create maps for certain playstyles. We don't want to alienate fans of the older titles, nor do we want to alienate fans of the newer ones, so this is the approach we decided to take."

It certainly looks promising, though it remains to be seen what Microsoft will think of the fan project. These sort of fan collaborations are often brought down for legal reasons, but here's hoping Installation 01 can live on and deliver an honest-to-goodness Halo PC experience.

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