The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 finally hit the U.S. shelves on Friday, Aug. 19, boasting a powerful 3,500 mAh battery — the biggest on any Note.

The smartphone's non-removable battery can be charged swiftly courtesy of fast charging as well as wireless charging. However, the device consumes quite a bit of power too thanks to the huge display and a myriad of things to do with it. We offer you some quick and handy tips below to help counter and fix battery drain.

Eliminate Power Hungry Apps

If your Galaxy Note 7's battery life is not up to par, then a quick tip that may help is checking out the downloaded apps to see if any of them are using up too much battery power. An app can go rogue if there are bugs or other issues, which leads it to consume excessive battery.

To counter the issue of abnormal battery drain by apps, head to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage. Check the app list — these are listed from high to low depending on their battery usage. If any app is using more battery than normal, click on it and hit "Force Stop." Alternately, you can uninstall the app permanently or reinstall it from the Play Store as that may fix the issue.

However, remember that social media and streaming apps use up plenty of battery if one is actively using these. Therefore, keep the high usage in mind for them before disabling.

Turn Off Always On Display

The Always On Display (AOD) feature on the Galaxy Note 7 shows helpful info such as date, battery life time and alerts when the phablet's screen is off. While the AOD feature does not drain too much battery, if one is trying to get the most out of the device's battery life then users can simply disable the feature.

To do so go to Settings > Display > Always On Display then switch it off. Alternately, you can set schedules so that the feature works limitedly and only when required.

Use Power Saving

The Galaxy Note 7 has some simple power saving modes that can be deployed with a mere tap. Using the power saving modes will enhance the battery life of the handset without a doubt!

To use this mode, go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery. Here you will espy a circle that reflects the remainder battery life and the one-tap power saving modes such as Off, Mid or Max.

Adjust Screen Brightness

One of the major causes of battery drain is the device's 5.7-inch Quad HD screen. What most Galaxy Note 7 users don't realize is that the brightness of the screen is at the maximum, that is, 100 percent, which is not really necessary unless you're directly under the sun.

To reduce the brightness, head to Display in Settings and adjust the brightness level. It is also advisable to adjust the time for the Screen Timeout and make it between 30 seconds to a minute. This will also help reduce battery drain on the smartphone.

Switch Off GPS, Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Turn off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS options when they are not in use. Doing so will decrease the battery drainage. When you are not using Wi-Fi but it is switched on, the device continues to search for the network.

Disable Software Features

The Galaxy Note 7 boasts a slew of software features such as Smart Stay, which quite a few people do not use. Go to Advanced Features in Settings and disable the features you don't plan to use anytime soon. Doing this will ensure better battery management.

Black Wallpaper

Animated wallpapers drain quite a bit of battery as the AMOLED screen consumes ample power. Use a dark background for the wallpaper, which is blue by default, but something darker like black will make a difference.

These are some handy tips to reduce and fix the battery drain issues on your Galaxy Note 7. You can also reboot the smartphone as a quick restart often improves performance and lags.

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