A new report claims Apple will release a trio of smartphones next year, and in the mix, lies a premium model with a curved screen similar to that of Samsung's line of Galaxy devices.

According to a report from Nikkei, Apple's plan is to wow the world with a 4.7-inch iPhone, another with a 5.5-inch worth of screen real-estate and then the premium version with a curved display that might also have a 5.5-inch display or larger.

"There will be a 4.7-inch model, another that will be 5.5-inches, and a premium handset that will be either 5.5-inches or larger equipped with a screen bent on the two sides," said an anonymous tipster who spoke with the publication.

Nikkei went on to add that the premium iPhone will use OLED for the screen, something we've heard of before. Rumors claim Apple is preparing an iPhone with a 5.8-inch OLED display.

Another set of rumors also claims the entire front of the device is all screen, and TouchID will be incorporated into it. If such is the case, then Apple could be on the verge of something incredible.

We're quite surprised at the idea that Apple might release an iPhone with a curved display seeing as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge isn't as popular as the regular Galaxy S7. If the company goes down this route, then chances are, it may have plans to use the curved display in interesting ways never before seen.

Recently we reported that it's possible Apple might have canceled the iPhone 7 Pro with its dual camera, but after looking at this information for a bit, it would seem as if Apple has no plans for walking down that street any time soon.

If the rumors are correct, it would be the first time Apple has ever released three iPhones in a single year. It would also be proof that competition is making things difficult for the company, forcing it to make decisions it wouldn't have made five years ago.

It should be noted that the iPhone 7 Plus was spotted recently in public. Now, we only need to see the iPhone 7 Pro with dual cameras and a curved display in public for fans to lose their minds. Such a device would be the most incredible iPhone ever conceived, which leaves us with one major question, how much will it cost?

We're sure Apple cannot wait to share that piece of important information with us.

Photo: Niels Epting | Flickr

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