Alleged Retail Packaging Purports 'iPhone 6 SE' Branding Instead Of iPhone 7, But It's Most Likely Fake


A number of photos that claim to showcase the packaging of the upcoming iPhone surfaced recently, but the images scream "fake" from a mile away.

Should the boxing details hold true, the next handset from Apple will be dubbed iPhone 6 SE instead of iPhone 7.

The least edited variant of the photos comes via Weibo leaker KK, who mentions that he's sharing images that he got from other users. KK also notes that according to most sources, the upcoming smartphone from Apple will not be named iPhone 6 SE.

Let's take a peek at the allegedly authentic photos.

Looking at the rear of the box, it is easy to see that several lines of text were photoshopped. First off, it is blatant that "iPhone6 SE" diverges from Apple's traditional spacing, as the company never places the model number next to the "iPhone" text.

Secondly, a close scrutiny of the crucial text shows big differences in font and background color, giving away the fact that some (poor) digital manipulation was in effect.

The large block of text shows other signs of digital retouching, specifically a text line that contains the 2016 copyright date, as well as the line with the A1758 model number.

The fact that different angles of the package show skewed typography for the iPhone 6 SE title goes to show that the name's blend of text and logos belong to a mashup of iPhone 6 and iPhone SE packaging.

Interestingly enough, there is no front facing photo of the box. Despite the fact that everyone expects the iPhone 7 to resemble previous iterations, photoshopping redesigned antenna bands and a new flush Home Button are more challenging tasks.

What is more, it is certain that Apple will deploy a new wallpaper for its latest smartphone, so that the box gets a distinctive look when viewed from the front.

Rumors so far pointed out that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will land as relatively unspectacular revamped editions to last year's iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Very little visual revamping is in store, and some already appeared repeatedly in leaks and credible sources. These are the minimized antenna bands, a potential flush Home button and a larger dual-camera bump. We have been hearing about the axing of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, but we are taking it with a grain of salt until we see it officially launched.

Until Apple's Sept. 7 event where the iPhone 7 (or 6 SE) will be showcased, it's mostly guesswork how the newest smartphone from the company will look like. Stay tuned to be the first to learn more details about its release!

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