Every Batman fan's dream is about to come true. The Batcave from Batman: The Animated Series will be coming to virtual reality holographic projection devices soon. By using Oculus Rift and Gear VR technology, fans will be able to explore and experience the Batcave in a fully immersive 3D environment.

The highly successful Batman cartoon, which first aired in 1992, set the standard for the animated franchise and launched a number of hugely popular movies and spin-off series that continue to have a following to this day.

Warner Digital Series and OTOY Inc. worked in close collaboration with the series creator, Bruce Timm, to remain faithful to the animated designs used on the show.

OTOY is using their Octane Render and light field technology in order to recreate every detail of the depth and scope of the Batcave, where fans will immediately feel familiar in, even though they'll be interacting with it for the very first time in virtual reality.

OTOY is also developing exclusive technology that will preserve the drawing style that the series is known for, without the need for tedious and manual post-production work.

The final product will be a narrative experience that will allow fans to fully explore the Batcave from the original animated series, which puts most other cartoons on TV today to shame, according to Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson.

No one could be more excited than Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series president Sam Register.

"It's super-cool, eye-popping stuff and fans are going to love it," Register said.

The Batcave will come to life through holographic video for virtual reality displays like Samsung Galaxy Gear VR. Oculus Rift is yet to be made available commercially but the companies plan to make the experience available on glasses-free light field displays that are predicted to power televisions and mobile devices of the future.

The Batcave project is expected to be released in time for winter of 2014 and will first be made available for the ORBX viewer app.

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