Samsung has heard and listened to the Galaxy Note 7 owners' complaints, and it's now set to bring back Action Memo to the phablet.

Considering that it's a classic and one of the most used features, it's not hard to imagine why plenty of users out there came running to the South Korean company and asking it to give them back what's rightfully theirs, not to mention that the S Pen sort of lost its appeal because of what happened.

A quick look at the Samsung Notes app page at the Google Play Store will show the horde of people who are unhappy by the absence of Action Memo, bombing the app with one-star ratings.

"I used action memo 24/7 on my Note 4. I upgraded to the Note 7 recently and I honestly do not like the fact that it is now gone. Now I have to switch out of apps to create a note and there is no longer a floating icon on my screen to remind me I have something important to remember," a user who goes by the name of Dallas Adoraslash says.

In response, Samsung apologized for it and promised that Action Memo will be making a return, assuring the user that support will be coming this September.

"Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience. Action Memo will be supported for Version 1.2 (before late September)," the company replies.

For those who don't know, the feature allows Note owners to quickly and conveniently jot down notes on the smartphone using the S Pen. More often than not, it comes in handy at times. For instance, it can call or send a text message to handwritten phone numbers or have Google Maps look up an address on it.

To boil things down, the update is expected to arrive sometime in September, and it won't be long until users everywhere can write down notes and phone numbers easily and use various functions on them.

In other related news, the Galaxy Note 7 is surrounded by a couple of issues here and there, including the S Pen getting stuck and the Gorilla Glass 5 getting scratched easily, to name a few.

At any rate, what do you think of the arrival of the Action Memo to the Galaxy Note 7? Feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

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